NASA releases spectacular image of melting sea ice off Greenland
NASA releases spectacular image of melting sea ice off Greenland

The US space agency NASA has released a new satellite image that shows bits and pieces of ice floating about in the Greenland Sea.

Arctic sea ice hits record low: US monitor

Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest winter point since satellite observations began in the late 1970s, raising concerns about faster ice melt and rising seas due to global warming, US officials said Thursday.

Antarctic's increased sea ice not compensating for Arctic's decrease
Antarctic's increased sea ice not compensating for Arctic's decrease

NASA's new study has revealed that increasing Antarctica's sea ice cannot cover up for Arctic's declining sea ice.

Loss of sea ice to impact polar bear populations by 2100
Loss of sea ice to impact polar bear populations by 2100

Polar bears may face starvation and reproductive failure by the year 2100 due to heavy loss of Arctic sea ice, a new study has warned.

Antarctic sea ice at record high: NASA
Antarctic sea ice at record high: NASA

Sea ice around Antarctica has reached its highest level since measurement started in 1979, NASA said.

Minke whales lunge 100 times an hour to feed under sea ice

Scientists have for the first time recorded the feeding behaviour of Antarctic minke whales under the sea ice and found that the mammals lunge feed up to 100 times per hour, gorging on Antarctic krill.

Underwater vehicle to measure Antarctic Sea ice

In a bid to get a better understanding of the effects of global climate change, New Zealand scientists will begin a project to measure Antarctic sea ice from below this coming southern summer.

Projected big thaw of Antarctica`s sea ice may harm area`s unspoiled marine ecosystems

Researchers using a modeling study have suggested that the Antarctica`s Ross Sea`s recent observed increase in summer sea-ice cover is likely to be short-lived, with the area projected to lose more than half its summer sea ice by 2050 and more than three quarters by 2100.

Arctic sea ice 6th lowest, but rebounds from 2012

The amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean shrank this summer to the sixth lowest level, but that is much higher than last year`s record low.

Arctic ice shrinking in volume, too: ESA

Arctic sea ice, which has been declining in area by unprecedented amounts in summer, is also falling in volume, the European Space Agency (ESA) said today.

Arctic sea-ice loss` debilitating effects on wildlife revealed

With sea ice at its lowest point in 1,500 years, ecological communities in the Arctic are being affected by its continued and even accelerated melting over the next decades, a new study has revealed.

Global warming to open unexpected shipping routes in Arctic: Study

Global warming will make frigid shipping routes much more accessible than ever imagined by melting an unprecedented amount of sea ice during the late summer, a new research has revealed.

Arctic ice level down to a fifth since 1980

The Arctic has lost more than a third of summer sea-ice volume since a decade ago, and is only a fifth of what it was in 1980, according to satellite observations.

Emperor penguins need sea ice to rest on

Researchers tracking the behaviour of emperor penguins have found fresh reason to be worried about global warming -- emperor penguins use sea ice to rest as they forage.

How Antarctic sea ice increases with climate change

Scientists have shed light on why, unlike the dramatic losses reported in the Arctic, the Antarctic sea ice cover has increased under the effects of climate change.

`Sea level rising faster than expected`

The sea level is rising faster than expected and may cross one metre mark by the end of this century -- double that of the estimates made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007, says a study.

Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest extent ever recorded!

The blanket of sea ice floating on the Arctic Ocean melted to its lowest extent ever recorded.

Arctic sea ice on course for `record` melt

The area of the Arctic Ocean covered by floating sea ice is likely to hit a record low next week, with the melting due to continue well into September, researchers monitoring the region by satellite have revealed.

Arctic melt linked to winter extremes in Europe

The record-breaking cold that gripped Europe this winter could be tied to a surprising culprit -- a steep decline in sea ice in Arctic following a warming of the polar region, scientists have claimed.

Arctic`s sea ice melt hits second-lowest level

The extent of sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean has dipped to the second-lowest level, narrowly missing a new record low.