Now, a search engine for pornography lovers!
Now, a search engine for pornography lovers!

It's not every day that a new search engine takes its place on the Internet, much less one specialising in pornography as is the case with Boodigo, a tool developed by former Google employees who plan to make it the portal for the adult entertainment industry on the Web.

US spy agency built its own secret `Google-like` search engine

A top US intelligence agency has built its own secret "Google-like" search engine for about two dozen government agencies to search information through more than 850 billion communications records.

Indexeus search engine can expose hackers` credentials

Indexeus, a new search engine, enables users to look up login credentials from over a hundred hacks, including the recent high-profile Adobe and Yahoo dumps.

Now search engine to find best app for you

Navigating among sea of apps - multiplying with each passing hour - on your smartphone or iPad is not an easy task. How about a search engine strictly to find apps that suit your needs?

Software that makes internet search relevant for you

Have your ever felt riled at the irrelevant and unwanted results a search engine throws in response to your query?

Europe`s top court backs ``right to be forgotten`` in Google case

Europe`s top court sided with privacy rights supporters on Tuesday, saying that world No. 1 search engine Google can be required to remove sensitive information from its Internet search results.

Google accused of building digital `superstate`

Mathias Dopfner, the boss of Europe`s largest newspaper publisher, has accused Google of abusing the monopoly in digital market, discriminating other search engines and building up a `superstate`.

Google adds `People` section to Google play

Google has quietly added `People` section to Google Play.

China launches new search engine

A new Chinese-language online search engine -- was launched Friday, marking China`s first search service set up by the country`s major news organisations.

Google tests search page appearance with bigger fonts sans underlined links

Google has reportedly changed the way its search results page looks in a new experiment that shows larger fonts and the ads links are no longer shown with yellow background.

Social media not helpful in sending viewers to news sites: Study

News organisations do not get readers through referrals from social media or search engines, a new study has found.

Google offers indoor maps in India

Global search engine Google is offering indoor maps in India, beginning from Bangalore, at selected locations such as malls across the city to enable visitors to explore them at ease.

Yahoo Mail trouble hits fourth day

An outage at Yahoo Mail hit its fourth day on Thursday, prompting thousands of furious users to ratchet up their criticism on social media.

Beyonce Knowles named Internet search queen

Beyonce Knowles has seen off competition from Kim Kardashian to be named the Internet`s most-searched celebrity of 2013.

Google makes redesigned Maps embeddable in websites

Google has reportedly made its redesigned Maps embeddable in websites.

Google still top US search engine by a mile

Google reportedly continues to be the leader in the US search market by maintaining 66.9% of it and handling 12.9 bn searches out of 19.3 bn made in October.

Yahoo`s `forgotten` domain names up for grabs

Yahoo is reportedly set to auction off its old web domains this week that the search engine claims to have `stumbled across`, such as and

Google’s 11/11 Alert

Come 11 November, 2013 and Google would implement some major changes in its Terms of Service.

Google world`s best place to work for: Survey

Internet giant Google has emerged as the world`s best multinational company to work for, followed by software developer SAS Institute and network storage provider NetApp in the second and third place, respectively.

Google `most attractive` Internet brand in India

Google is India`s most attractive Internet brand, says new research by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).