16-year-old NRI kid claims his search engine is 47% more accurate than Google!
16-year-old NRI kid claims his search engine is 47% more accurate than Google!

Google is the undisputed king of search engines! It is said to have one of the fastest, most accurate search results as compared to other search engines that exist.

'Tech-friendly' Indians more willing to use 'digital wallets' than US, UK counterparts

A new survey has revealed that 51 percent Indians are early tech adopters and about 30 percent are interested in using digital wallets, a number that is three times the average of other international markets including, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, United States, Australia and the Middle East.

Google accused of making `library visits` history!

Excessive reliance on modern day technology and search engines like Google is likely to make libraries consisting hard books extinct in no time.

Now, get multi-stage directions with Google Maps

Google has reportedly updated its Maps app providing users with multi-stage directions, flight reservations, notifications for upcoming events all in maps themselves.

New gen next search engines for personalised results

Researchers have developed a new way for search engines to provide users with more accurate, personalised search results.

How Google`s Gmail privacy argument got misinterpreted

The entire debate surrounding Google`s so-perceived indifference towards its users` concern about their email privacy has been put to rest.

Google Search goes personalized

Search engine giant Google goes more personalized with straight answers to questions regarding a user`s flight or courier status.

`Privacy` search engines see jump after NSA row

Internet users are taking a fresh look at "privacy" search engines that do not store data or track online activity, in light of the flap over US government surveillance.

Can Google influence close election outcome?

Internet search engine like Google can manipulate search rankings, giving an edge to a favored political candidate by pushing up flattering links and pushing down unflattering ones, an expert has said.

Petition to save Google Reader hits 100,000 signatures

The campaign to save Google Reader is gaining momentum, with 100,000 people signing the online petition in a bid to stop Google withdrawing the service.

Yahoo! India’s most searched personalities in 2012 list

Arvind Kejriwal topped the list of newsmakers, while adult film star Sunny Leone was the most searched celebrity online in 2012 in India, a report by search giant Yahoo! today said.

Google revamps mobile newsreader app ‘Google Currents’

Internet search giant Google has updated its social news reading app to make it easier to find breaking news and browse content from multiple sources.

Google launches 100 times faster Internet service

Google has unveiled a new Internet service that is 100 times faster than the average ISP connection currently available.

Anti-Islam film: UK Muslims protest against Google

Thousands of British Muslims reportedly staged a protest against Internet search giant Google for releasing the ‘hateful and offensive’ anti-Islam video.

Wife of former German president sues Google

Bettina Wulff claimed that when her name is typed into Google`s search engine, it suggested search terms included the words "prostitute".

Microsoft to revamp Bing search engines

Microsoft is revamping its Bing search engine to allow it to use advice from Facebook and other media platforms.

`Google to launch online storage service for consumers`

Google Inc (GOOG.O) is preparing to roll out a service to let consumers store photos and other content online.

Google CEO Larry Page defends privacy policy

Google CEO Larry Page has marked his first year on the job with a letter setting out his vision for the future.

Google search behaviour `follows GDP`

Web users from countries with a higher per capita gross domestic product (GDP) tend to search for information about the future than past, a new study has revealed.

`Netizens against their searches being tracked`

About two-thirds of search engine users disapprove of the collection of information on their searches for the purpose of personalising their future search results.