Last of Navajo ``code talkers`` dies in New Mexico

The last of 29 Navajo Americans who developed an unbreakable code that helped Allied forces win the second World War died in New Mexico of kidney failure at the age of 93.

Poland opposition wants jail for use of term `Polish death camp`

Poland`s conservative opposition on Friday called for use of the erroneous term "Polish death camp" in reference to Nazi German facilities to be punishable by jail time.

Indian martyrs honoured in Egypt

Indian martyrs who had played a pivotal role in the famous Battle of El Alamein, considered to be a turning point during the Second World War have been honoured by the Indian Embassy here.

Nazi coding machine used in WWII up for grabs

A rare German coding machine used by the Nazis to send secret messages during the Second World War is expected to fetch up to 50,000 pounds at an auction here.

68th anniversary of end of WWII observed in Puducherry

French Ambassador to India Francois Richier paid homage at the statue of `Soldat Inconnu` (Unknown Soldier) at the French government maintained War Memorial.

Amsterdam made Jews pay rent while in WWII camps

Amsterdam has now made contact with Jewish organisations to find out to what extent Jews living elsewhere in the Netherlands were affected by back rent demands.

Hiroshima updates number of atomic bomb victims

The number of victims of the 1945 atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima has climbed up a notch to 557,478 - 15,000 more than the previously recorded figure, according to a new report.

Hitler’s 9/11 plot

The German ‘terrorists’ were however not successful as all the eight men were arrested.

Mass grave of WW II troops found

A mass grave from the Second World War containing remains of 17 men was found in Croatia.

Japanese atom bomb victims hail Obama Nobel prize

Japanese victims of US atomic bombings
in the Second World War on Friday welcomed US President Barack
Obama`s Nobel Peace Prize award and applauded his efforts on
the international stage.