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8.2 magnitude earthquake may hit North India: All you need to know

North India is at a risk of high intensity earthquakes, ranging 8.2 magnitude on the Richter Scale.

2010 Chile earthquake triggered icequakes in Antarctica

A new study has revealed that Antarctica`s frozen ground is receptive to seismic waves from distant earthquakes after the researchers found out that 2010 Chile earthquake was the reason behind icequakes in Antarctica.

Ocean waves could help predict earthquakes in near future

Scientists have now found a method to use ocean waves to simulate the ground motion occurring in real earthquakes.

Rare earthquake lights may help predict big temblors

The rare lights that accompany earthquakes may one day help predict the approach of major quakes, scientists say.

Can quakes actually calm the Earth?

The magnitude-8.6 earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean in 2012 may have had a calming effect on the other quakes in the world, a new study has claimed.