Startup Athos develops Smart Apparel

 American Startup Athos has developed Smart Apparel which tells us if we are exercising properly and are not working on the wrong part of the body, favoring one side over the other, or doing anything else that might lead to an ineffective workout or even injury.

Soon, flexible touch-sensitive skin sensors to operate mobile devices
Soon, flexible touch-sensitive skin sensors to operate mobile devices

A team of computer scientists is developing flexible sensors that turn skin into a touch-sensitive interaction space for mobile devices.

Tattoo-like sensor can detect glucose levels

Researchers have developed the first ultra-thin, flexible device that sticks to skin like a rub-on tattoo to detect glucose levels, eliminating the need for painful finger-pricking for diabetics.

Driverless cars for everyone within a decade

Driverless cars could be within the price range of the average person in just ten years, Australian researchers claim.

Essential, low-cost devices developed

Young Mexican researchers working at a government-run laboratory have developed three low-cost, life-saving technologies.

'3D printing 'technology of the future'

Three-dimensional printing, sensors, the cloud and personalisation are "the future in technology," according to Amar Hanspal, vice president of the San Rafael, California-based Autodesk manufacturing company.

Municipal discharge main pollutant for River Ganga: Central Pollution Control Board
Municipal discharge main pollutant for River Ganga: Central Pollution Control Board

Central Pollution Control Board chairman Susheel Kumar on Wednesday said that only industrial pollution is not squarely responsible for polluting the River Ganga.

Fiber optic sensors to improve landslide prediction

Detecting and monitoring both large landslides and slow slope movements could be a lot easier and cheaper with optical fiber sensors, says a study.

New sensor to detect tiny, individual nano-particles

In a major breakthrough, a team of researchers has developed a new sensor that can detect and count nano-particles, at sizes as small as ten nano-metres, one at a time.

Clean Ganga drive: Toxin sensors to send alerts about effluents level

The Central government has directed to install high-tech sensors at critical points along the Ganga to check the level of discharge of industrial waste into the river from about 700 units.

New `smart` watch vibrates to keep you from nodding off

A new `smart` watch tracks the wearer`s movements and `buzzes` them awake if they start to doze off.

`Smart` pills your gateway to super health?

Do you know that smart pills carrying miniature chips, sensors, cameras and robots can analyse your body from the inside?

Mars` atmosphere analyzing sensor could help cut Earth`s greenhouse emissions

Researchers have developed a new portable device that promises a greener future by readily analysing the composition of gases, solids and liquids using the light they emit.

Computer to use living slime mould in future

Solid silicon devices may soon be a thing of past as scientists have now built logical circuits using living slime mould that might act as the building blocks for computing devices and sensors.

`Smart` home to detect symptoms of neurodegenerative disease

Researchers have developed a system of sensors which when fitted in a home can monitor changes in a person`s habits and routine to help assess whether they are suffering from a neurodegenerative disease.

`Dodgy` bowlers may be made to wear sensors to prevent `chucking`

Controversial bowlers may reportedly be forced to wear hi-tech sensors during international matches in a bid to boot `chuckers` out of the game.

Each person perceives odours differently

A new study has revealed that as much as 30 percent of the large array of human olfactory receptor differs between any two individuals.

`Mind-reading` camera shoots whatever you find interesting!

Researchers have developed a wearable camera that starts recording when it detects that you are interested in what you are seeing.

Now, robotic cockroaches to explore hard-to-reach spaces

Scientists have developed a new software that allows them to map dangerous or unknown spaces - such as collapsed buildings - based on the movement of a swarm of insect cyborgs.

Dog`s mood may reflect owner`s health

Man`s best friend may also give vital clues to its master`s wellbeing!
Monitoring the mood of a pet dog could provide an early warning sign that an elderly owner is struggling to cope, a new report has claimed.