Sexual objectification ups fear of rape among women
Sexual objectification ups fear of rape among women

The rampant sexual objectification of women can heighten their fears of being raped, a significant study says, adding that making sexual objectification socially unacceptable could enhance women's sense of safety.

Jennifer Aniston slams 'sexist' society
Jennifer Aniston slams 'sexist' society

 Jennifer Aniston has branded the society as "very much sexist" as women are still not paid as much as men.

Australia`s `macho` PM points finger at sexism

 Australia`s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who was famously accused of misogyny by former leader Julia Gillard, on Friday suggested sexism was behind criticism of his female chief-of-staff.

Tokyo equality chief under fire for marriage comments

 The Tokyo politician tasked with preventing sexism in the city`s assembly ran into trouble Wednesday after making light of an episode of sexist jeering that drew outrage in Japan and beyond.

Sofia Vergara hits back at 'sexist' criticism
Sofia Vergara hits back at 'sexist' criticism

Actress Sofia Vergara has hit back at criticism following her "sexist" skit at the Emmy Awards, saying she was merely poking fun at herself.

NY Times shakeup unrelated to pay, gender: Publisher

The publisher of the New York Times has denied that the firing of top editor Jill Abramson was linked to a salary dispute or sexism.

New York Times publisher denies sexism, calls Abramson bad manager

New York Times Co publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. on Saturday denied the ouster of top editor Jill Abramson was due to gender bias and listed ways in which she was a bad manager.

UN Special Rapporteur finds UK more sexist than India

Sexism is "more visible" in the UK than in countries like India, a United Nations investigator looking at violence against women in the country on Tuesday said.

Harvard B-school dean Nitin Nohria apologizes for sexism on campus

Harvard Business School`s Indian-American Dean Nitin Nohria has made an extraordinary public apology for the school`s treatment of female students and professors and vowed to make changes at the institution.

Lily Allen in racist storm

Singer Lily Allen has courted criticism for using "black women as props" in her new music video.

Australia`s first woman leader surprised by sexism

Australia`s first woman prime minister, who was dumped by her party ahead of September`s election loss, today said she was surprised by the level of aggressive sexism directed at her during three years in power.

Ex-Australian PM Julia Gillard opens up on sexism

Gillard revealed that she had spoken to former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton about the travails of female leadership.

Sexism still rife in fashion industry, says Sarah Jessica Parker

Actress and fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker, says she had to face sexism during her stint at a design house because of which she is apprehensive about taking on further jobs in the fashion industry.

Women invite harassment: MP Cong leader

Amidst outrage across the country over increasing crime against women, a Congress leader in Madhya Pradesh has made a shocking remark.

Sacked UP minister claims allegations against him baseless

Former Uttar Pradesh minister Raja Ram Pandey was shunted out from the state Cabinet following his alleged sexist remark.

Sexism ‘rebranded’ as something ‘fashionable’, warn UK teachers

Teachers in the UK have warned that young people are being damaged by an over-sexualised culture.

Australian PM charges opponent with `sexism`

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard`s attack on opposition leader Tony Abbott as "sexist and misogynist" in Parliament has gone viral.

UK play centre bans dads to avoid offending Muslims

Kids Go Wild is believed to be the first such play centre in Britain to introduce a ‘women only’ policy.

Why women have sex

Women indulge in sex not for love but for various other reasons.

Asian women ‘find racism more depressing than sexism’

Researchers at a University have suggested that some female minority groups find racial discrimination more hurtful than sexism.