Eat healthy to stay in shape: Kate Upton

Kate Upton doesn’t starve herself in order to stay in shape.

How brain processes shape and colour

A new team of researchers have found an insight into how brain responses to faces and objects with responses to colours.

Pooja Bhatt wants to get back in shape

Actress-turned-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, who has been busy making her films` heroines look beautiful, says she now wants to devote time to get back into shape.

Obese girls show greater poise when happy with their shape

Young women who may be obese but are happy with their size or shape show greater levels of self-possession, which offsets any ridicule they are likely to face.

Heidi Montag ‘worked out 14 hours a day for 2 months to get back in shape’

Heidi Montag has revealed the secret behind regaining her slim shape after gaining weight.

Harbor seals ‘can sense the fattest fish using just their whiskers’

Harbor seals can identify the size, shape of their prey using only their vibration-sensitive whiskers.

Racial biases likely to shape trust decisions

Trust decisions may be influenced more by subconscious racial biases.

Megan Gale back in supermodel shape

Megan Gale looks fitter than ever in her new toned and trim figure.

Stefani keeps her body in shape

Stefani has revealed that sculpting her shape is “a daily struggle”.

Women’s body shape to be classed as Da Vinci

Women’s body should be classed according to the work of iconic artists.

Congress leaders booked for cutting tri-colour shaped cake

A senior Chhattisgarh Congress
leader and Raipur City Congress president were on Saturday booked
for cutting a cake depicting national flag to celebrate party
president Sonia Gandhi`s birthday, police said.