From stoning to death to lashes and crucifixion, Islamic State publishes list of punishments
From stoning to death to lashes and crucifixion, Islamic State publishes list of punishments

The hardliners of Islamic State have published a list of punishments, ranging from amputation, stoning and crucifixion for violating the Sharia law, as per reports on Saturday.

Jihad lures teens from unsuspected corners of France
Jihad lures teens from unsuspected corners of France

For the French public, the idea is deeply jarring: youngsters from everyday backgrounds with names like Maxime, Helene and David joining the jihad or turning up in brutal Islamic State execution videos.

Malaysia's Sharia law costs non-Muslims their kids

It was the last round of a recurring argument: M Indira Gandhi's husband wanted her to convert to Islam. A committed Hindu, she refused.

IS jihadists boast of enslaving Yazidis

The Islamic State jihadist group says that it has given Yazidi women and children captured in northern Iraq to its fighters as spoils of war, boasting it had revived slavery.

Pak militant group renounces violence


Islamabad: A Pakistan Taliban militant group on Saturday renounced violence to pursue implementation of Sharia in the country through peaceful means.

Caliphate declaration `heresy`, say Islamists

The surprise declaration of a "caliphate" by jihadists accused of committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq has provoked an outcry even among Islamists who dream of a state under Sharia law.

Sudan mother facing apostasy death sentence to be freed soon: Official

A Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for apostasy will be "freed within days", a foreign ministry official told AFP on Saturday.

Negotiators discuss Pakistani Taliban`s demands

Pakistani government and Taliban negotiators met informally on Tues to discuss the banned group`s demands for a dialogue aimed at ending a bloody insurgency that has killed thousands.
The talks were held ahead of a formal meeting tomorrow at which will the two sides are expected to discuss, among other things, the possibility of a ceasefire.

Pakistan, Taliban start talks in Islamabad: Source

The first round of peace talks between representatives of the Pakistani government and Taliban insurgents began on Thursday at an undisclosed location in Islamabad, the capital, a government source told Reuters.

Pakistan government team to meet Taliban at secret location

The Pakistan government`s four-member committee will meet Taliban negotiators for peace talks at a secret location, said Taliban team member Maulana Abdul Aziz Thursday.

Sharia law in Pakistan necessary for peace: Taliban negotiator

Pakistani Taliban`s top negotiator today said Islamic sharia law was necessary for peace as the government, martial law and democracy had failed to solve the country`s problems.

`Muslim Patrol` vigilante group jailed for attacks in UK

Three members of a self-styled "Muslim Patrol" vigilante group, who threatened members of the public on the streets of east London by claiming to enforce Sharia law, have been jailed.

Sultan of Brunei introduces tough Islamic punishments

The Sultan of Brunei on Tuesday announced the phased introduction of tough Islamic punishments including death by stoning for crimes such as adultery, in the monarchy`s latest step towards conservatism.

Malaysian groups slam one-parent conversion law

Malaysian groups on Friday slammed an Islamic law enabling one parent to give consent for the religious conversion of a child, a contentious issue in the Muslim-majority country.

Husband convicted of rape despite wife`s consent for sex

British court has ruled a man could be convicted of rape even if the woman agreed to have sex.

40% of Pakistan’s youth want Islamic law: Survey

Ahead of crucial elections, more than 90 per cent of the youth believe the country is heading in the wrong direction while nearly 40 per cent think Shariah or Islamic law would be the best political system.

Four men found guilty of sharia law whipping in Australia

Four Muslim men were today found guilty by an Australian court of whipping an electrician 40 times with a cable, which they said was a punishment under Islamic law for drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Egypt’s Salafis call for implementation of Sharia law

Thousands of supporters of various Egyptian Salafi groups have called for the immediate implementation of Islamic law in the country.

Mali locals declare war on extremists

Islamic extremists in northern Mali are facing a growing uprising from local residents as they impose the strict Sharia law and seek to destroy the local culture in the northern region of the African country.

`Stoning will happen in UK too if sharia allowed`

British Muslims have been able to turn to Sharia courts since 1982.