Darul Uloom Deoband fatwa says shaving, trimming beard is un-Islamic
Darul Uloom Deoband fatwa says shaving, trimming beard is un-Islamic

India`s leading Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has issued a fatwa saying, shaving or trimming beard is against the Shariat and thus it is un-Islamic.

Saudi beheads murderer in 110th execution since January

 Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded one of its citizens convicted of murder, adding to a sharp increase in executions this year.

Iran bans magazine for encouraging cohabitation over wedlock: Report

  Iran`s hardline judiciary has banned a magazine for encouraging cohabitation, known as "white marriage" in the Islamic Republic where sex outside wedlock is a crime, the Shargh newspaper reported on Monday.

Hafiz Saeed launches 'new movement' for implementing Sharia in Pakistan

Outlawed Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed today launched a 'new movement' for creating unity in Pakistan and implementing Sharia laws in the troubled country.

Strict sharia forces gays into hiding in Indonesia's Aceh

Overwhelmed by fear, members of the main gay rights group in the Indonesian town of Banda Aceh started burning piles of documents outside their headquarters in late October, worried that the sharia police would raid them at any moment.

Saudi Arabia's top clerics speak out against militancy

 Saudi Arabia`s top clerical council, the only body in the country authorised to issue fatwas or Islamic legal opinions, declared on Wednesday that "terrorism is a heinous crime" under Sharia, and perpetrators should be made an example of.

SC has not stopped continuance of Shariat courts, says Darul Uloom Deoband lawyer

The counsel of the Darul Uloom Deoband, Shakeel Ahmed Syed, on Monday said that the Supreme Court not only allowed the continuance of Shariat courts, but also disposed off the writ petition filed to stop parallel courts from functioning.

Shariat courts have no legal sanction, fatwas not binding on anyone: SC

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court on Monday declared that no legal status has been granted to the Shariat Courts and religious decrees or fatwas are illegal if they tread on the rights of an individual.

Pak Taliban chief asks govt to surrender to `Allah`s writ`

The head of the Pakistani Taliban on Monday asked the government and military to surrender to "Allah`s writ" and vowed to continue fighting until Islamic law was enforced in the country, as the group faces bloody infighting that hampered the peace talks.

Brunei sultan hits back at rare criticism over sharia

Brunei`s all-powerful sultan, stung by rare criticism, has ordered social media users to stop attacking his plans to introduce harsh Islamic criminal punishments in the placid oil-rich kingdom.

Pak Taliban negotiators meet militants leaders on peace talks

Two negotiators representing the Pakistani Taliban in the peace talks with the government have met the militant leadership in the lawless North Waziristan Agency and briefed them about the first round of talks.

Lal Masjid cleric likely to stay on in Taliban peace panel

Cleric of Islamabad`s Lal Masjid and member of the Pakistani Taliban-nominated peace talks committee, Maulana Abdul Aziz is expected to continue his role in the peace process after he threatened to walk out Friday if he was not assured that Sharia or Islamic law will be enforced in Pakistan, media reported Saturday.

Purpose behind talks is Sharia enforcement: Pak Taliban

The Taliban has said it is fighting for implementing the Islamic sharia law in Pakistan and the purpose behind talks with the government was its implementation.

Taliban never sought Sharia`s imposition earlier: Imran Khan

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has said Taliban`s willingness for talks with government under Pakistan constitution exposes those who link terrorism with imposition of Sharia (Islamic law).

Pakistan appoints first female judge to sharia court

Pakistan`s national sharia court, which hears cases under the country`s Islamic legislation, on Monday appointed a female judge for the first time in its 33-year history.

Indian Mujahideen aiming to grow like al Qaeda: Yasin Bhatkal

Indian Mujahideen is on an expansion spree! That is what captured IM terrorist Yasin Bhatkal - one of India’s most wanted men - has revealed to security agencies, reported a daily on Monday.

All-women Sharia Court to redress grievances of Muslim women

A Sharia Court conducted solely by women with an aim to redress grievances of Muslim women has started functioning in the city.

Pak clerics against death to false accuser under blasphemy law

Pakistan`s top clerics have struck down a proposal for awarding death sentence to people making false accusations under the controversial blasphemy law.

London to host Islamic economic forum in October

London will host ninth World Islamic Economic Forum in October, first time that event will be held outside of a Muslim country, as the British capital looks to become a global hub for Sharia finance.

Sharia divorces could be a reality in Britain

In a landmark ruling, Britain`s High Court has approved the terms of a divorce case under Jewish law which could pave the way for settling divorce cases by Sharia and other religious courts in the country.