Thousands of animals sacrificed despite ban

Thousands of animals, including roosters, were sacrificed in Odisha as part of an annual religious ceremony despite a government ban and protests by animal rights activities, an official said Friday.

Science sheepdogs use to herd sheep revealed
Science sheepdogs use to herd sheep revealed

A new study has revealed that sheepdogs have 2 simple rules they follow while rounding up a flock of sheep.

Wolves can`t escape in sheep`s clothing any longer

It is possible to identify individual wild wolves with 100 percent accuracy with just their howls, a study has suggested.

British PM turns sheep rescuer

He may be struggling with a string of political challenges, but British Prime Minister David Cameron has been hailed as a hero after he rescued a sheep in trouble.

Four clones created of Dolly, the sheep!

Prof Campbell has claimed to have created four more sheep who are exact genetic duplicates of Dolly.