Iraq security forces on alert as Shi'ites gather for Ashoura

 Shi`ite Muslims gathered at shrines and mosques across Iraq on Tuesday for the Ashoura religious ritual as Iraqi security forces were on alert for possible attacks that have inflicted mass casualties during past pilgrimages.

Shi`ite Muslims protest ban on Muharram procession in Kashmir

Shi`ite Muslims staged a protest demonstration against the ban on their processions on ‘Ashura’ the 10th day of the Muharram in Srinagar.

Saudi seeks arrest of 23 Shi`ites for unrest

The Sunni-ruled kingdom accused wanted men of serving the agenda of a foreign power, referrring to Shi`ite rival Iran.

‘Bahraini police fire tear gas at protesters’

Tensions have been high in Bahrain since security forces crushed weeks of pro-democracy street protests by the majority Shi`ite Muslims in March.

Suicide attack in NW Pakistan kills 19: Police

The bomber struck a school van before hitting rear wall of police station.