Raj Babbar completes 35 years in showbiz with new TV show
Raj Babbar completes 35 years in showbiz with new TV show

Veteran actor Raj Babbar, who is returning to TV with new action show 'Pukaar', says he feels fortunate to be a part of showbiz for over three decades.

Showbiz has taught me patience: Vatsal Sheth
Showbiz has taught me patience: Vatsal Sheth

Actor Vatsal Sheth entered the TV world as a teenager with the show "Just Mohabbat". The light-eyed boy of the small screen has now grown up and says that "the one thing he learnt during all these years in the glamour industry is patience."

Friendship in showbiz - a reality or farce?

No matter how affable and friendly film personalities appear in public eye, their friendship always draws attention for all the wrong reasons such as actresses` catfights to stars` battle for film releases. This raises the question - is friendship in showbiz a reality or a farce?

Kirsten Dunst does not want famous kids

Actress Kirsten Dunst would not encourage her children to pursue a showbiz career. Dunst, 32, who is in a relationship with her `On The Road` co-star Garrett Hedlund, said she struggles with the idea of her future kids wanting to pursue acting, reportedly.

Won`t push my children into acting: Kirsten Dunst

Former child actress Kirsten Dunst says she wouldn`t encourage her children to pursue a showbiz career.

Vanessa Paradis would back showbiz daughter

Singer-actress Vanessa Paradis says she would not stand in the way of her teenage daughter if she wanted to pursue a showbiz career.

Lily Allen calls people in showbiz `idiots`

Singer Lily Allen says people in the showbiz nowadays are extremely fake and get meaner in their efforts to survive in the industry.

Showbiz is like a drug, says Will Smith

Will smith has revealed that he thinks that bringing a family into the industry is almost like introducing them to drugs.

Gemma Arterton lashes out at diet pressure in showbiz

Gemma Arterton has slammed the relentless pressure being put on young actresses to lose weight.

Best time to be a part of showbiz: Imran Khan

Imran Khan, a talented actor with chocolate-boy looks, says with the influx of new filmmakers and fresh storylines in the Hindi film industry, this is the best time to be a part of showbiz.

Broadway style theatre comes to Indian TV with `Nautanki`

New and innovative formats are paving their way into Indian showbiz. Taking the trend forward is a new show `Nautanki: The Comedy Theatre`, which is set to bring Broadway style theatre to the small screen.

Daniel Radcliffe hates being invited to showbiz events

‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe says he hates being invited to showbiz events because he finds them incredibly awkward.

Now showbiz trains arc lights on Agra

Agra is attracting a lot of filmmakers and TV serial producers, thanks to its exotic locales, advanced studios, budding local talent and, of course, the iconic 17th century monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

Bollywood is difficult place to be in: Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel started her career with two blockbusters `Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai` and `Gadar - Ek Prem Katha` but the actress, who is turning producer, says her decade long journey in Bollywood has not been easy.

Cheryl Cole taking indefinite break from showbiz

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she is taking a break, without any deadline, from the world of celebrity in the wake of her humiliating sacking from the US ‘X Factor’.

Kate Moss wants ‘big guns’ to play at her showbiz wedding

Kate Moss – who is set to tie the knot with The Kills rocker Jamie Hince later this year – is pulling out the ‘big guns’ for her wedding day.

Applegate won`t push daughter into showbiz

Christina Applegate says she will not force her daughter into showbiz.

Michael Jackson’s children want to get in showbiz

Pop king Michael Jackson’s children want to move into the movie business.

Palin show blurs line between politics, showbiz

Palin stars in her own reality show called ‘Sarah Palin`s Alaska’.

Mel B`s kids won`t follow her in showbiz

Former Spice Girl Mel B believes her children are more likely to become sports stars than pop stars.