Tech, medical sectors mixed on Obama`s immigration changes

Nestled in President Barack Obama`s plan to overhaul aspects of the US immigration system are tweaks to rules for high-skilled workers long frustrated with hurdles to getting work or residency approval.

Google wants to teach programming to millions of American girls
Google wants to teach programming to millions of American girls

Internet giant Google is seeking to teach computer programming to millions of girls in the US under its Made With Code initiative, which has an eye on developing women programmers in the Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley can be created anywhere: Vinod Khosla

Silicon Valley: Observing that Silicon Valley is not so much a place as a state of mind, Indian- American billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla believes it can be created anywhere by out of the box thinking.

Indian-American millionaire beats girlfriend 117 times, but ducks jail

Gurbaksh Chahal, India-born CEO of RadiumOne, a Silicon Valley company focusing on real-time advertising across web, mobile and Facebook, has dodged jail time even after beating his girlfriend 117 times.

How Facebook avoided Google`s fate in talent poaching lawsuit

Facebook Inc emerged as one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies to have resisted rivals` entreaties to stop poaching each other`s employees.

AAP launches online platform in US to tap grassroot support

Aam Aadmi Party`s US chapter has launched a unique online platform that it expects to be a game changer in the upcoming general elections by tapping into popular support from inside and outside India.

Plan to divide California into 6 states advances

California has reached the breaking point, says a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who is pushing a proposal to divide the nation`s most populous state into six separate states.

Amazon unleashes 10 new TV pilots for customers to judge

Building on its first foray into original programming, Amazon rolled out 10 new pilot shows in the United States and Britain on Thursday and invited customers to judge which ones should go into production.

Silicon Valley executive, family found dead in missing plane in Idaho

Searchers combing mountains in Idaho found wreckage of plane that crashed in December, killing pilot, Silicon Valley software executive, his 2 adult children and their partners, a family member said.

Garage where Steve Jobs started Apple becomes historic site

The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs built some of his first computers has been added on the city`s list of historic properties.

Twitter pays engineer $10 mln as Silicon Valley tussles for talent

Among Twitter Inc`s highest-paid executives, Christopher Fry`s name stands out.

Silicon Valley at front line of global cyber war

Experts say the state`s Silicon Valley and its signature high-tech firms should provide the front lines in the increasingly aggressive fight against overseas hackers.

Indian students eye the Great American Bicycle Ride

Indian students have a great chance to participate in the Great American Bicycle Ride (GABR), as Inme, a pioneering outdoor and adventure-based learning company, has opened the registrations process for the cycling expedition along the West coast of the US.

Kerala could become India`s new Silicon Valley

Kerala could well become an IT hub as the advantages enjoyed by Bengaluru, the country`s `Silicon Valley`, start to wear thin, said a senior IT official.

Medvedev fires off his first `tweet` at Twitter HQ

Medvedev fired off his first "tweet" with a message in Russian.

US Nobel laureate to co-chair Russia`s `Silicon Valley`

US Nobel laureate Roger David
Kornberg has agreed to co-chair a scientific council set up
for the Kremlin`s ambitious project of creating a Bangalore
like `Silicon Valley` near Moscow.