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New material to help develop super-fast computers

The solid-state memory used to store the results of such calculations is also silicon-based.

‘More durable and less expensive’ solar cell

Scientists have developed highly efficient electrolyte system for solar cells that can convert sunlight into electricity and retain it for longer period.

Ultrathin silicon substitute to revolutionize future electronics

Scientists have successfully come up with an alternative to silicon that has superior electron mobility and velocity.

Ultra-powerful laser makes silicon pump liquid uphill with no added energy

Researchers at University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics have used an ultra powerful laser to make liquid flow vertically upward along a silicon surface, overcoming pull of gravity, without pumps or other mechanical devices.

New organic nano-wires may help replace silicon in computer chips

Organic nano-scale wires may serve as an alternative to silicon in computer chips, according to a collaborative team of Chinese and Danish researchers.