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Simon Pegg to co-write 'Star Trek 3'
Simon Pegg to co-write 'Star Trek 3'

Simon Pegg will co-write 'Star Trek 3' with Doug Jung, creator of the TV series 'Dark Blue'.

Simon Pegg hints at `Star Wars Episode 7` voice role

Actor Simon Pegg has fuelled speculation that he has a role in `Star Wars Episode VII`. Pegg was spotted on the `Star Wars` set in Abu Dhabi last month, reportedly.

Beckinsale bags `Absolutely Anything`

Kate Beckinsale has joined the cast of comedy movie "Absolutely Anything".

I do not like being around drunk people any more: Simon Pegg

`World`s End` star Simon Pegg, who gave up booze years ago, says he cannot stand drunk people anymore.

Simon Pegg to play assassin in new film

British actor Simon Pegg is all set to play an assassin in a new Australian movie featuring Liam and Chris Hemsworth`s brother Luke.

Simon Pegg wants to star in `X Files` role

Simon Pegg says he wants a role in the new `The X-Files` movie.

Red carpet walk makes Simon Pegg emotional

Simon Pegg said walking the red carpet for `The World`s End` premiere in London was a big honour for him.

Simon Pegg kissed Carrie Fisher`s poster daily

Simon Pegg says he confessed to actress Carrie Fisher that he used to kiss one of her posters every night.

Simon Pegg remembers fascination for Goth

Simon Pegg says he used to be a Goth and enjoyed listening to music by Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy.

Simon Pegg likes happy sets

Actor Simon Pegg feels it`s important to avoid starry tantrums on a movie set to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone.

Pegg reveals Cruise`s secret to good body

Actor Simon Pegg has revealed that his `Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol` star Tom Cruise keeps his body in good shape with the help of an ice suit.

Simon Pegg loves collecting his replicas

‘Star Trek’ actor Simon Pegg likes collecting replica dolls of himself, but his wife finds his obsession “creepy”.

Simon regrets turning down ‘Inglourious Basterds’

Turning down `Inglorious Basterds` was the most difficult decisions for Simon.

Steven Spielberg beats up Simon Pegg on the sets of `Tintin`

Simon Pegg found working with Oscar-award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg a hands-on experience as he "beat him up" during a fight scene in the upcoming `Tintin` film.