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Nicole Scherzinger adjusting to singledom

Nicole Scherzinger adjusting to singledom

Singer Nicole Scherzinger is going through "a very transformative time" in her life following her split from reigning Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

Chinese 'Singles Day' : Why should couples have all the fun!

Thought Valentine's Day is a tad overdone? Tired of seeing couples going all mushy-mushy? Then here's a breather for you. Wait till you learn about the Chinese `Singles Day`.

I am 24 and single, so what?

Many a times I have come across mundane people bombarding me with their bizarre questions inquiring `Why am I still single`?

UK woman 'fed up of being single' proposes and marries herself!

A woman in the UK who was fed up of being single got married to herself in a full wedding ceremony attended by 50 guests.

Marriage is liberating: Keira Knightley

Actress Keira Knightley admits she loves being married as she found singledom exhausting.