Paul McCartney tops musicians' rich list with 730M pounds fortune

Paul McCartney tops musicians' rich list with 730M pounds fortune

 Sir Paul McCartney has topped the 2015 Sunday Times Rich List of musicians with his 730 million pounds fortune.

Ringo Starr feels Beatles could have reunited

Ringo Starr feels Beatles could have reunited

 The Beatles former member Ringo Starr has expressed his regret over the band's failure to reunite after their split in 1970.

Suarez vows to `knock out` England from Brazil WC during `chat` with Paul McCartney

Liverpool star Luis Suarez has reportedly vowed to knock England out of the Brazil World Cup during a recorded chat with Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, whom he promised to dedicate a goal during the tournament.

Beyonce, Paul McCartney `become gym buddies` during Coachella Festival

Beyonce and Sir Paul McCartney have been working out together at the Four Seasons Hotel where they both are staying for the Coachella Festival.

Sir Paul McCartney to include fans` pics in `Save Us` video

Sir Paul McCartney has urged his fans to submit photos of themselves for his new promotional clip for ` Save Us`.

Sir Paul McCartney shares secrets to looking young

Paul McCartney has revealed that he owes his youthful looks to his vegetarian diet and an active love life.

When grasshoppers joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage

Sir Paul McCartney was mobbed by a swarm of grasshoppers on stage.

Sir Paul McCartney kick-starts Brazil tour with unperformed `Beatles` tracks

Sir Paul McCartney has for the first time ever given his live performance of a selection of classic Beatles tracks at the opening night of his world tour in Brazil.

Sir Paul McCartney tops musicians` rich list

Sir Paul McCartney, who shares a 680million-pound fortune with his American heiress wife, Nancy Shevell, has topped the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians.

‘The Beatles’ got inspiration for classic songs from cinema ads

‘The Beatles’ guitarist Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that he and his bandmate George Harrison got inspiration for their classic songs from anything they found funny, including a cinema advert for a furniture brand.

Sir Paul McCartney wants to go back in time to be with his mum

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that he would go back and see his mother if he had a time machine.

When Paul McCartney helped son record album

Legendary Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney returned to the recording studio, this time to help his son James record his latest album.

Sir Paul McCartney records music for ad for late wife Linda`s veggie food range

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney has recorded a song to accompany a new TV advertisement for late wife Linda’s vegetarian food.

Masseur to celebs cleared of sexually assaulting 18 women

A masseur to the stars has said that he was relieved after he was dramatically cleared of sexually assaulting 18 women including a former employee of Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul Mccartney confirms Olympics performance

Beatles legend Paul Mccartney has confirmed that he will be performing at the Olympics opening ceremony this summer.

McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell avoided session with ‘groping’ masseur

Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell cancelled appointments with a masseur after he sexually assaulted one of their employees the day before, a court has heard.

Sir Paul McCartney maintains eye contact in chat with topless sunbather

Sir Paul McCartney maintained steady eye contact while chatting with topless sunbather, proving that he is a perfect gentleman.

Sir Paul Mccartney gets star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Sir Paul Mccartney has unveiled a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, almost 20 years after he was first nominated for in the honour.

Now, Sir Paul McCartney joins artists abandoning streaming

Former Beatles legend sir Paul McCartney has become the latest artist to resist making full albums available via streaming services.

Veteran singer Paul Mccartney amazed he was a Beatle

Veteran singer Paul McCartney says he still finds it hard to believe that he was a member of iconic pop group The Beatles.