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Allu Arjun inspires brother to sport six-pack abs

Allu Arjun inspires brother to sport six-pack abs

 Actor Allu Arjun, considered to be the first Telugu actor to sport six-pack abs a few years ago, has now inspired his actor-brother Allu Sirish to follow in his footsteps and achieve a well-sculpted body.

Six-pack doesn`t signify health: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, known for his sculpted body, says one should not relate six-pack abs with health.

Robert Pattinson wants six-pack

Actor Robert Pattinson says he will hit the gym soon to get a six pack as he thinks he is the only actor in Hollywood without one.

Now Tusshar Kapoor`s turn to flaunt six-pack

Tusshar Kapoor is set to join the six-pack gang in Bollywood.

Nick Cannon struggling to get his six-pack back

Nick Cannon, who was recently hospitalized for “mild kidney failure,” has revealed that he wants to get back in shape. His recent illness had forced him to put his exercise routine on hold.