Holi: Tips to take care of your skin, hair from harmful chemical colours!

Here's a few tips to take care of your skin and hair from harmful chemical colours during Holi.

ICC World Cup: Rangana Herath splits skin of spinning finger
ICC World Cup: Rangana Herath splits skin of spinning finger

Sri Lanka's left-arm spinner Rangana Herath split the skin on the inside of his spinning finger during their World Cup Pool A encounter against England at the Westpac stadium here on Sunday.

Breakthrough paves way for same sex couple babies

In a breakthrough, researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist, have shown that stem cells from the skin of two adults of the same sex can be used to make human egg and sperm cells.

UV rays may damage skin hours after sun exposure

Would we need a sunscreen for the night? Yes, we might because much of the damage that ultraviolet radiation (UV) does to skin occurs hours after sun exposure, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Plant extract that protects skin from UV ill-effects

Scientists have discovered a new plant-derived agent that protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultra-violet (UV) irradiation.

Needle-free vaccination: Now a medical reality

A team of scientists has introduced needle-free vaccination that can stimulate the immune response of the human skin.

For Valentine's Day, love skin, hair first
For Valentine's Day, love skin, hair first

With just two weeks to go, start indulging in proper skin and hair care to look your best on Valentine’s Day Feb 14.

Smartphone to soon charge its battery from your skin
Smartphone to soon charge its battery from your skin

Researchers at the National University of Singapore are working on a 'skin-based electricity generator' that would derive energy simply from your muscle movement.

Know why kiwi fruit is good for health!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Kiwi fruit or kiwi has a sweet and unique flavour. Besides its exotic taste, the fruit contains numerous phytonutrients and is packed with more vitamins and minerals that promotes health.

Health benefits of apricot

Apricot is the yellowish-orange fruit that belongs to the family of peaches, nectarines, plums and cherries. The fruit is easily available and can be consumed in both fresh as well as dried form. Fresh apricots contain a plenty supply of vitamin C.

Protect your skin from 'wear and tear' this winter season
Protect your skin from 'wear and tear' this winter season

Festive season, specially New Year celebrations followed by the wedding season, gives one enough reason to flaunt the perfect skin.

Turn your skin into a smartphone display
Turn your skin into a smartphone display

 A wearable device that projects the image of a Android tablet on your skin will be a reality soon.

Ditch the scalpel! Try non surgical face-lift to retain youthful looks!

A trend observed globally in the anti-ageing industry is a shift from surgical to non surgical techniques. Non surgical facelifts reduces wrinkles, makes the skin appear tighter and younger without the use of a scalpel!

Now, stretchy bendy 'smart skin' that acts and even feels like real one

A team of scientists have created artificial skin that recreates the sense of touch for the people wearing prosthetic limbs.

Can stem cells in nails 'guide' other body parts to re-grow?

 A new study has revealed that stem cells in nails, which can perform dual roles, normally grow both skin and nails, but can focus solely on nail repair when a nail is lost or injured.

A safe, reliable wireless pacemaker to hit stores soon

 A new self-contained, leadless cardiac pacemaker is the safe and reliable alternative to conventional pacemakers, says a new research.


Human penis transplants could be reality in just five years

 Scientists have revealed that after successful surgeries in rabbits, penis transplant in humans can be just five years away.

Plaster may replace injections for premature babies

Instead of using injections or probes, it will in future be possible to deliver drugs to premature babies via a plaster as researchers have developed a UV-activated membrane, which releases a gentle dose of medication to the skin of a patient.

Clinical trial sheds new light on BP management during stroke treatment

Through a new clinical trial, scientists have found the efficiency of standard procedure for managing blood pressure in stroke patients.

Skin patches may replace traditional blood test

A team of researchers has designed and successfully tested, for the first time, a small skin patch that detected malarial proteins in live mice.