Unravelling the process of going to sleep

Sleeping is a gradual process and researchers have now developed a method to estimate the dynamic changes in brain activity and behaviour during the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Amanda Bynes caught sleeping in a mall
Amanda Bynes caught sleeping in a mall

Actress Amanda Bynes was photographed sleeping on a couch at the Beverly Center shopping mall here. The actress took to Twitter to explain herself and her current living situation.

Insomnia triples risk of motor accident deaths

Developing a healthy sleeping habit could be a life saviour as researchers have found that insomnia significantly increases risk of death caused by motor vehicle crashes and other unintentional fatal injuries.

Daylight saving risk to diabetics?

 The twice annual ritual of setting clocks for daylight saving time can affect diabetics adversely, especially those who use insulin pumps.

Toddler tests positive for marijuana in Puerto Rico

A 14-month-old boy tested positive for marijuana in a toxicology exam at a San Juan hospital, where he was admitted after his parents became concerned that he was sleeping too much.

Internet 'sleeps' in some parts of the world

Internet "sleeps" almost like a living creature in some parts of Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, say scientists who tracked Internet usage as it pulses across the globe daily.

Why are Americans more depressed today

US citizens are more depressed now than they have been in decades but most of them are not aware of their conditions, says a new study.

Drink tea to fight fatigue while driving

If you feel tired behind the wheel on a long drive, try a cup of tea or coffee to ward off sleep instead of raising the volume of your music system.

Sleeping brain active even when you doze off

Have you ever performed calculations or classified words before falling asleep and then experienced continuing those calculations during your snooze? Well, salute your wonder brain.

In-flight infants at greater death risk: Study

If we believe a shocking in-flight pattern revealed by researchers, lap infants are at greater risk of dying on board owing to bad sleeping arrangements.

Century-old drug approved for sleeping sickness may help treat autism: Study

A new study has revealed that a well-known drug that was first synthesized in 1916 and used to treat African sleeping sickness can reverse autism-like symptoms in mice and it might help humans eventually.

Sleeping with lights on increases obesity risk in women

A new study has revealed that sleeping with too much light in the room increases the risk of obesity in women.

Extreme sleeping habit can affect memory in older adults

A new study has revealed that there is an association between midlife and later life sleeping habits with memory and extreme sleep duration can worsen memory in later life.

James Franco denies sleeping with LiLo

James Franco has called Lindsay Lohan a liar after he was named on people-she`s-slept-with list.

Toddlers who sleep less at increased obesity risk

Toddlers who sleep for less than 10 hours a day are at increased risk of becoming obese than those who sleep for at least 13 hours, a new study has warned.

Omega-3 rich diet helps you sleep soundly: Study

According to a new study, a diet rich in omega-3 DHA helps you sleep better.

Now, pillow that prods sleepers to stop snoring

A new pillow has been developed that helps sleepers to stop snoring.

Technology that helps you fix sleep in your bed!

Are you disturbed about poor quality of sleep at night? Here comes a technology that can help you measure quality and quantity of sleep right in your own bed.

Daily routines may influence sleep quality, quantity

Maintaining a consistent daily routine may be linked to better sleep, according to a small new study.