Bangladesh orders probe into stock market slump

Bangladesh has unveiled a series of reforms to restore confidence in market.

Petraeus slumps at Senate hearing, jet-lag blamed

Gen. David Petraeus slumped at the witness table Tuesday while testifying at a Senate hearing, and a spokesman said the general was likely dehydrated and jet-lagged from his travels.

Popularity rating of Medvedev, Putin slumps: Poll

More Russians trust Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin than his hand-picked successor Dmitry
Medvedev with the President`s popularity rating slumping by
almost 10 per cent in six months, an opinion poll said on Friday.

Raising rates quickly may cause slump: World Bank

Swift interest rate hikes aimed at containing inflation in product and asset prices could cause another downturn in the slowly recovering economies of the United States and Europe, the head of the World Bank said.

US stocks slump on recovery concerns

US stocks tumbled Wednesday to their worst loss this month amid concerns over the pace of economic recovery following an unexpected decline in new home sales and dampening consumer sentiment.

Jobs are back! India Inc on manhunt drive as slump eases

Jobs are back and India Inc is
witnessing an upsurge of 15 percent in hiring trend, thanks
to the improving economic climate.

Global recovery has begun, says IMF

The global recovery from recession has begun, the IMF`s chief economist has said.