How smartphones are ruining sex lives
How smartphones are ruining sex lives

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your sex life of late? Your smartphone may be to blame, suggests a study.

Hackers turning smartphones into slave armies
Hackers turning smartphones into slave armies

Mobile security firm Lookout on Wednesday warned that Android-powered smartphones or tablets are being targeted with malicious software that puts them at the mercy of hacker overlords.

Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

Most Britons are not satisfied with their sex life, a survey reveals.

Amnesty International launches app for activists in danger

Amnesty International has launched a new open source app called `Panic Button` to help activists facing imminent danger.

Teens prefer smartphones over sex: study

Internet-addicted students would rather give up coffee, eating and sex than their smartphones, a new UK research has found.

App to protect your kids` privacy on social media

Want to share your kids` vacation or wedding photos just with friends and family on Facebook? This new parent-friendly app would make your life easy.

Smart phones at greater risk of malware attacks

Imagine if smart phones are infected to the same extent as personal computers. The resulting damage would be much more severe.

Technology that can deliver `NSA proof` smart phones

As the internet and mobile companies constantly strive for spy-proof, secure technology for customers who use smart phones, laptops or tablets, a team of scientists have shown how a novel quantum cryptography technology can help them achieve an `NSA proof` world.

Sugar to power smart phones for 10 days!

Heard of a battery that consumes sugar and can run your smart phone for 10 days? This bio-battery may soon become a reality.

US, British spies tap mobile phone apps: Report

The National Security Agency and its British counterpart are tapping into smart phone applications to scoop up personal data, the New York Times reported Monday.

How office energy bills can be cut down

Researchers have shown how the ubiquity of smart phones connected to the office network can be used to monitor occupancy and reduce heating or air conditioning for unused spaces.

Storage for next generation of smart phones and tablets closer to reality

Researchers have developed a new way to build resistive memory devices that could become the storage part of the next generation of smart phones and tablets.

Now, Graphite an option for faster smart phones

Graphene, essentially a single layer of the graphite found commonly in our pencils can be used as an alternative to copper in creating smaller and faster smart phones.

Smart phones not replacing newspapers

Smart phones aren’t taking people away from relying on TV and newspapers.

Smart phones exposing kids to suicide, sex

Smart phones are allowing children to download violent and sexually explicit games.

Skype gets into Nokia smart phones

Internet telephony firm Skype took a second major leap into the wireless market in just a few weeks, unveiling software from top phone maker Nokia Oyj which could run on more than 200 million smartphones around the world.

Smart phones under growing threat from hackers

Smart phones are under a growing menace from cyber-criminals seeking to hack into web-connected handsets, but the mobile industry has contained the threat so far, security experts said.