Delhi to record highest number of premature deaths in world due to air pollution

A new study has warned that in another 10 years, the national capital of Delhi will record the highest number of premature deaths among all mega cities in the world due to air pollution.

Beijing steps up air quality control ahead of Olympics vote
Beijing steps up air quality control ahead of Olympics vote

China has scaled up air quality control in Beijing to bring down the city's pollution level significantly in a bid to win hosting rights for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Smog-choked Paris forces half of cars off roads

 French authorities will on Monday put in place emergency traffic-limiting measures in Paris, as the City of Light and much of northern France suffers from a choking smog.

Eiffel tower shrouded in smog as Paris pollution spikes

The Eiffel Tower disappeared behind a brown smog on Wednesday as Paris and much of northern France suffered a spike in pollution.

Chinese man invents 'green firecracker' to fight smog

Chinese revellers may have the hard choice of deciding between protecting the environment or protecting tradition as they prepare fireworks displays for the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls Feb 19 this year. But a man from central China's Henan Province has devised a non-polluting firecracker that could allow them to do both.

Beijing dangerous smog down four percent in 2014: Govt

Air pollution in Beijing dropped slightly last year, municipal authorities said, although levels of the most dangerous small particulate matter remained more than three times the internationally recommended limit.

Thick hazardous smog engulfs Beijing

China on Saturday issued a hazardous air alert after a heavy blanket of smog engulfed the capital city, urging the residents here to stay indoors.

Thick hazardous smog blankets Beijing

China on Saturday issued a hazardous air alert after a heavy blanket of smog engulfed the capital city, urging the residents here to stay indoors.

Thick fog closes highways, airports in East China

A heavy fog on Saturday shrouded many parts of east China's Shandong province, closing highways, delaying flights and throwing normal life out of gear.

Smog-stricken China woos meteorological talents
Smog-stricken China woos meteorological talents

An official from China's meteorological authority said Friday the smog-stricken country needs more professional talents in the environmental and meteorological fields.

Delhi to witness smog in coming week: MeT

The Meteorological Department (MeT) has predicted a return of smog and related conditions in the national capital and National Capital Region (NCR) in the coming week.

Days of heavy air pollution blight northern China

Days of heavy smog shrouding swathes of northern China pushed pollution to more than 20 times safe levels on Friday, despite government promises to tackle environmental blight.

China urges public to walk, ride bikes to help cut smog

The list of eight standards, published on the environment ministry`s website ( on Wednesday, urged citizens to refrain from burning garbage, and limit the use of fireworks and barbecues. 

China to take 6 mn vehicles off roads to ease pollution

Smog-hit China plans to remove 6 million vehicles that do not meet emission standards off the roads this year, in a bid to reduce air pollution in the world`s largest auto market.

Roof tile coating that can clear smog

Researchers have now developed an innovative roof tile coating to fight against air pollution.

London smog forces British PM Cameron to skip jog

The thick blanket of smog caused by dust from Africa`s Sahara desert that is engulfing the city of London today even forced British Prime Minister David Cameron to cancel his daily morning jog.

China to test new smog-busting drone

As China grapples to contain recurring smog, its scientists claimed to have developed a drone which will help to clear the polluted skies.

China to `declare war` on pollution, premier says

China is to "declare war" on pollution, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday at the opening of the annual meeting of parliament, with the government unveiling detailed measures to tackle what has become a hot-button social issue.

Chinese breathe a little easy in Beijing

Millions of people breathed easy on Thursday in the Chinese capital after a strong cold front swept away heavily polluted smog that had covered a vast part of the country and was described as an environmental crisis by the WHO.

China smog drives masks out of stock

China`s biggest online face-mask sellers were running out of stock Wednesday as consumers rushed to protect themselves from smog that has shrouded large swathes of northern China for an entire week.