Fathers who smoke before conception risks having asthmatic kids

A new study has revealed that men who smoke before the conception could give asthma to their babies.

Miley Cyrus shares pic of `5-feet bong` on Instagram

Miley Cyrus has posted a picture of a 5-feet high bong on her Instagram page.

Smoke in Kolkata Metro rake causes panic

Smoke was detected in a Dum Dum bound non-airconditioned metro rake Thursday as soon it entered the Central station.

Even `third-hand` smoke kills

Have you finally amended your habits and stopped smoking inside the house to protect your kids from exposure to second-hand smoke? That may not be good enough!

German court rules heavy smoker must vacate flat

A German court ruled Thursday that an elderly smoker must vacate his home of around 40 years after neighbours complained about his cigarette smoke.

Inherited mutated gene increases lung cancer risk in women

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center suggest that people who have an inherited mutation of a certain gene have a high chance of getting lung cancer than heavy smokers with or without the inherited mutation.

Third-hand smoke compound damages DNA, ups cancer risk

Scientists have revealed that one compound from "third-hand smoke," which forms when second-hand smoke reacts with indoor air, damages DNA and sticks to it in a way that could potentially cause cancer.

Now, smoke e-cigarette that`s also a phone-cum-MP3 player

A new electronic cigarette has been launched that functions as a phone as well as a MP3 player.

Smoking cessation products pose no serious heart risks: Study

Nicotine replacement gums or popular drugs prescribed to help people quit smoking may not pose serious heart risks in users, according to a study.

Diwali: 3 easy tips to protect your hair from smoke, pollution

Diwali brings lot of smoke and pollution, thanks to crackers but an expert suggests that coconut, honey and less use of hair styling products can make hair strong during such occassions.

Pollution level to peak during Diwali

The pollution level in the national capital is likely to peak on Diwali and remain the same the next day, according to weather analysts.

Sky lanterns pollute and may cause fire: Environmentalists

Although sky lanterns are being claimed by marketers as an "eco-friendly" alternative to crackers and fireworks this Diwali, experts say it not only poses grave risk to the environment but can also lead to fire.

Alcohol does not cause depression: Study

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not cause depression, Australian scientists have found.

Smoke from burning biomass increases cardiovascular disease risk

A new study has revealed that smoke from burning biomass, such as wood, animal dung and waste from agricultural crops leads to cardiovascular problems, including an increase in artery-clogging plaques, artery thickness and higher blood pressure.

Sumatra farmers blamed for smoke in Singapore and Malaysia

The recent choking smoke in Singapore and parts of Malaysia has been blamed on the small and large-scale farmers in Sumatra.

Thick haze sweeps through Singapore

Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has choked Singapore, prompting authorities here to take precautionary measures following the worsening pollution level in the city-state.

`Harry Potter` girl Emma Watson smokes, strips in new flick

Emma Watson is seen smoking, stripping and doing an American accent - a sharp contrast to her `Harry Potter` days - in the first trailer released of her new film ` The Bling Ring.`

Ozzy Osbourne `gives up on smoke, booze and drugs for honey`

Ozzy Osbourne has said that he has ditched his former demons in favour of Manuka honey.

Kids exposed to smoke in womb lag behind peers in reading skills

Babies exposed to cigarette smoke in their mother’s womb later perform poorly on reading comprehension tests, a new study has revealed.

Kids exposed to tobacco smoke may face respiratory problems

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke may pose respiratory problems in kids.