Smoking is definitely a male thing!

Smoking is definitely a male thing!

Although men and women are equally influenced by tobacco, males tend to smoke more than females, finds new research that investigated gender differences in tobacco use among hunter-gathering egalitarian tribes.

Watercress extract detoxifies smokers

82 cigarette smokers were enrolled in the randomized clinical trial.

How e-cigarettes take their toll on your lungs

E-cigarette research is heating up and scientists are starting to show that vaping can have some surprising health effects. Now, a recent study has suggested that they have immediate effects on the pulmonary function in healthy and mild asthmatic young smokers.

Quit smoking at one go!

A new study says that quitting smoking all of a sudden is more abstinence compared to quitting gradually.

Choose job wisely and stay away from strokes!

A recent study presented in the American Heart Association's Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 meetings revealed that workers in sales, office support or service occupation were more prone to heart diseases and stroke risks than the one in management or professional jobs.

Brain 'switch' to turn off nicotine cravings identified

Scientists have identified a fat molecule in brain cells that may act as a 'switch' to increase or decrease the motivation to consume nicotine, a finding that could lead to new therapies to help smokers kick the butt.

E-cigarettes not helping people quit smoking: Study

Electronic cigarettes that are widely promoted and used to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes are not assisting much in this task, says a new study.

Smokers with pneumonia at higher risk of lung cancer

The researchers found that out of 381 admissions of heavy smokers with pneumonia, nine percent were diagnosed with lung cancer within a year of being hospitalized.

Graphic warnings may help smokers `kick the butt`

The graphic images motivated smokers to think more deeply about their habit and the risks associated with smoking.

Here's how graphic cigarettes images can help smokers to quit

This was associated with them thinking their habit was more dangerous and being more likely to consider quitting.

Over 21 percent use tobacco in Himachal, says minister

 The state has stepped up efforts to sustain the smoke-free status.

Secondhand smoke ruining your kid's teeth

Smokers, you may want to kick that habit as a recent study has linked exposure to secondhand smoke to increased risk of tooth decay in young children.

Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction

A new research has revealed that nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, putting smokers at a higher risk for addiction.

Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction

Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction

A new research has revealed that nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, putting smokers at a higher risk for addiction.

Got post-heart attack blues? Start exercising and stop smoking

 Smokers, you may want to start exercising and kick that habit if you are suffering from depression after a heart attack as a new study suggests so.

US launches anti-smoking campaign targeting 'hip-hop' teens

'Fresh Empire' is part of the FDA's ongoing efforts to combat tobacco uptake and use among youth.

Genes behind lung disease in smokers decoded

British researchers have discovered six independent genetic variants associated with lung health and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) -- revealing association with lung disease and smoking behaviour.

People in addiction treatment more likely to smoke

People undergoing treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction around the world use tobacco at two to three times the rate of people who are not being treated for addiction, finds a 20-country study.

Children of smoking parents likely to be smokers

 Teenagers are much more likely to smoke and be dependent on nicotine if either parent is dependent on nicotine, says a new study.

Beware! Smoking can make you diabetic

 Smoking cigarettes or breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke significantly increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes, warns a new study.