Living at higher altitudes reduces risk of lung cancer

A new study has recently revealed that living at higher altitudes reduces risk of lung cancer in both smokers as well as non-smokers, which suggested that oxygen may promote the incidence of lung cancer.

Now, a nicotine vaccine to help smokers kick the butt

A team of scientists has designed a promising nicotine vaccine to help smoke rs overcome their addiction and proven that the structures of molecules used in vaccines are critical.

Metabolism pointer for quitting smoking

How quickly a smoker breaks down nicotine is a guide to which therapy is best for kicking the habit, according to research published Monday.

Gene mutations put some smokers at pancreatitis risk

Gene mutations in some people who drink and smoke put them at an increased risk of developing chronic pancreatitis, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine in the US said.

Plant extract can help smokers quit

A plant extract commonly used in eastern Europe to help smokers kick the habit, appears to work much better than nicotine replacement patches and gums, scientists say.

Male smokers face greater cancer risk: Study

In a discovery that could possibly persuade smokers to quit, researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden have found a strong association between smoking and the loss of the male Y chromosome in blood cells.

Financial rewards help smokers kick the butt

Offering small financial incentives doubles smoking cessation rates among socio-economically disadvantaged smokers, especially women, says a new research.

Menthol and nicotine harmful for lungs: Study

Neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) have found that menthol acts in combination with nicotine to desensitise receptors in lungs' airways that are responsible for nicotine's irritation.

Passive smokers at higher health risks while living with smokers

Passive smokers are at a higher risk of contracting serious health problems due the presence of smokers around them. If you get to live in a house with heavy smokers then your health will surely take a dip for the worst.  

Lung cancer can stay hidden for over 20 years: Study

Lung cancers can lie dormant for over 20 years before suddenly turning into an aggressive form of the disease, according to a study published Thursday in the US journal Science.

Smoking causes urological diseases

Smoking leads to a number of urological diseases, experts said.

Positive and negative messages both prompt smokers to quit

A mix of messages - such as those that stress the benefits of kicking the butt and those which emphasise health risks of smoking - might work best to convince smokers to quit, scientists say.

Smokers on high-salt diet at rheumatoid arthritis risk

If you are a smoker and love to eat a high-salt diet, you may be at a greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), researchers say.

UN report on e-cigarettes is flawed, say critics

Health experts fearing a clampdown on e-cigarettes said today a UN report on the device had exaggerated their health risk and underplayed their role as a safe alternative to tobacco.

WHO wants ban on use of e-ciggs indoors

The World Health Organization has said that use of e-cigarettes should be banned indoors, while sale of the device to children should stop as well.

Low-educated smokers at greater stroke risk: Study

Adults smokers with limited education face a greater risk of stroke than those with a higher education, says a study.

Extra exercise helps depressed smokers kick the butt faster

Extra exercise can reduce the compulsion to reach for a cigarette in depressed smokers, a new study has found.

Combo treatments boost smokers` ability to quit

Combining two smoking cessation therapies may be more effective than using just one for some smokers, according to a new study.

E-cigarettes may be able to help quit smoking

A new study by Dennis Nowak et al. has concluded that E-cigarettes are likely to terminate smoking and may just be able to lessen the risk of nicotine dependency in high-risk groups.

Why e-ciggies are so `cool` revealed

Researchers have taken a look into the popularity of e-cigarettes.