Tips for keeping your heart healthy!

A healthy heart is the way to healthy living, they say.

Take care of your heart this winter

This episode of Manthan tells you on how to take care of your heart during the winter season.

Smoking e-cigs can considerably reduce tobacco cravings

 A new research has demonstrated that e-cigarettes successfully reduce cravings for tobacco cigarettes, with only minimal side effects.

Financial rewards help smokers kick the butt

Offering small financial incentives doubles smoking cessation rates among socio-economically disadvantaged smokers, especially women, says a new research.

Offer financial incentives to double smoking cessation rates

A new study has suggested that smoking cessation rates get doubled by offering small financial incentives to socio-economically disadvantaged smokers.

How rotten eggs could help smokers kick the butt

A new study has revealed that certain kinds of conditioning applied during sleep could induce us to change our behavior.

Second-hand marijuana smoke may damage blood vessels

Breathing second-hand marijuana smoke could damage your heart and blood vessels as much as second-hand cigarette smoke, says a new research.

Travelling with a smoker increases cancer risk

 While simply sitting in cars with people who smoke, non-smokers breathe in a host of potentially dangerous compounds that are associated with cancer, heart disease and lung disease, says a new research.

Learn lessons to quit smoking during sleep

Some of our brain regions remain active even during slumber and researchers have found that certain conditioning during sleep can change behaviour such as quitting smoking or giving up other addictions.

Smoking ups risk of developing second cancer

A large study has found that cigarette smoking prior to the first diagnosis of lung (stage I), bladder, kidney or head and neck cancer increases the risk of developing a second smoking-associated cancer.

Studies of "vaping" brain may offer clues on smoking addiction

British scientists say they have found the best way yet to analyse the effects of smoking on the brain -- by taking functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans of people while they puff on e-cigarettes.

Omega-3 supplements reduce nicotine craving

Taking inexpensive omega-3 supplements lowers craving for nicotine and even reduces the number of cigarettes that people smoke in a day, a new study has found.

Tobacco shops pose teen smoke risk

Teens are more likely to start smoking if they live in areas with large numbers of shops that sell tobacco products, a new study has found.

Living near tobacco shops bad for your kids

Teenagers are much more likely to take up smoking if they live in neighbourhoods with a large number of shops that sell tobacco products, a study suggests.

Inhaling secondhand cigarette smoke can make you pile on the pounds

A new study has revealed that exposure to cigarette smoke can actually cause weight gain, secondhand smoke being the biggest reason.

Thirdhand smoke continues to harm health even hours after smoking ends

A new research has revealed that thirdhand smoke continues to harm health even hours after smoking ends.

Kick the butt to avoid chronic back pain

Smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to develop chronic back pain, warns a research.

Rajat Kapoor kicks the butt?
Rajat Kapoor kicks the butt?

Actor-director Rajat Kapoor, who is enjoying the environs of Dharamsala, says he's trying to give up smoking again.

Special: Is Delhi turning into a 'drug capital'?

Zee Media's special report 'Operation dum maro dum' reveals the present deteriorating situation of Delhi which has become a transit point for drug mafias.

Modern habits leading to more gum disease: Study

Modern people have far more gum disease than our predecessors, according to a British study of skulls published Friday.