Quitting smoking briefly deteriorates diabetes control

Diabetics who quit smoking are likely to experience deterioration in their glucose control for up to three years, says a study.

Cardiorespiratory fitness lowers disease risk, even among smokers

A new study has revealed that cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with reduced metabolic syndrome risk among smokers.

Cigar smoking not a safe alternative

If you thought smoking cigars is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, your are wrong. New research associates many of the same fatal conditions as cigarette smoking.

This summer protect yourself from 'six skin sins'
This summer protect yourself from 'six skin sins'

A lot has been said and written on what is to be done to have glorious looking skin and to look your best. However, it is equally important to know factors which destroy your skin and cause it to look dull, lead to an uneven skin tone and make one look tired and older than the actual age.

What stops smokers from kicking the butt

In a promising breakthrough for smokers who are trying to quit, neuroscientists have identified circuitry in the brain as responsible for the increased anxiety experienced commonly during withdrawal from nicotine addiction.

E-cigarettes no help in kicking the butt

Are e-cigarettes a helpful tool in the efforts to kick the butt? Not at all, says a new study.

Smokers vastly underestimate harm of smoking few cigarettes a day

Researchers have revealed that smokers still vastly underestimate the harm of smoking a few cigarettes every day.

Smokers still think a few cigarettes are safe

Although most people know that smoking is a risk factor for developing several cancers, many still wrongly believe that smoking less is safe, says a new study.

High flavours in e-cigarettes bad for health

The high levels of chemicals used to flavour some brands of e-cigarette fluid could be respiratory irritants, says a new study.

Breastfeeding may help mothers quit smoking

Women who breastfeed their infants for at least 90 days smoke less in the months following childbirth than women who breastfeed for a shorter duration or who do not breastfeed at all, says a new study.

E-cigarettes less likely to encourage teens to smoke

A new study has demonstrated that lot of teenagers give it a try to smoke try e-cigarettes, however, only few become regular users.

Why smoking leads to alcohol addiction

Smoking can make people crave alcohol to the point where they become addicted to it.

Muscle-building pills can cause testicular cancer

 Beware of those muscle-building pills and powders for a perfect shape. Alarming research shows that men who took muscle-building supplements reported a significantly higher risk of developing testicular cancer than men who did not take those.

Graphic warning labels can better motivate smokers to quit

 A new study has revealed that cigarette warning labels may be more effective with imagery picturing the dangers of smoking.

Quit smoking as it won't make you shed fat

 Even as the idea that smoking helps control weight is baseless, women smokers who believe so are less likely to try quitting in response to anti-smoking policies than other female smokers, research has found.

Tobacco row: BJP MP Dilip Gandhi deserves Nobel Prize, taunts Shiv Sena​
Tobacco row: BJP MP Dilip Gandhi deserves Nobel Prize, taunts Shiv Sena​

Amid a raging debate over the size of pictorial warning on tobacco products, Shiv Sena on Tuesday hit out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Dilip Gandhi for his controversial comments.

Effects of smoking may be seen in unborn babies

The harmful effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy may be reflected in the facial movements of babies in the womb, according to researchers who studied 4-D ultrasound scans of foetuses.

Will take 'measured' decision on tobacco products pictorial warnings: Govt

 Government on Saturday said it will take a "measured and responsible" decision on the issue of increasing the size of pictorial warnings on tobacco in the backdrop of a controversy generated by BJP members of a parliamentary panel suggesting "nil" effects of smoking.

PM Narendra Modi for bigger pictorial warnings on tobacco products
PM Narendra Modi for bigger pictorial warnings on tobacco products

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has favoured bigger pictorial warning on tobacco products and the health ministry now intends to cover 85 percent of the display area of beedi, cigarette and chewable tobacco packets, sources said on Saturday.

Smoking row: Another BJP MP says no link between smoking, cancer

Amidst a raging controversy over remarks on smoking by a BJP MP who is a 'beedi' baron, another BJP MP Ram Prasad Sarmah on Friday waded into the row, claiming there is no clear proof yet linking cigarette puffing and cancer while wondering whether tobacco contains "herbal medicine".