Australia smoking rates down as France mulls plain packs

Australian smoking rates have fallen sharply since plain packaging was introduced, but a landmark challenge to the laws could have implications for other countries mulling similar moves.

Smoking causes urological diseases

Smoking leads to a number of urological diseases, experts said.

Smoking linked with schizophrenia

There is a close association between schizophrenia and increased rates of tobacco smoking.  

A quarter of Italian students smoke marijuana

A parliamentary report on drug dependency has showed that a quarter of Italian students aged between 15 and 18 smoke marijuana.

Positive and negative messages both prompt smokers to quit

A mix of messages - such as those that stress the benefits of kicking the butt and those which emphasise health risks of smoking - might work best to convince smokers to quit, scientists say.

Smokers on high-salt diet at rheumatoid arthritis risk

If you are a smoker and love to eat a high-salt diet, you may be at a greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), researchers say.

Govt mulling to slap fine of Rs 20,000 for smoking in public

Well, smoking may appear to be a pleasurable pursuit, but doing it publicly could now invite you to pay a hefty fine of Rs 20,000 as per a committee set up by the Union Health Ministry.

Fathers who smoke before conception risks having asthmatic kids

A new study has revealed that men who smoke before the conception could give asthma to their babies.

A village in Rajasthan free from smoking and drinking

The Sirohi village in Rajasthan is free smoking and drinking. the village is free from all kinds of toxication.

Family, friends can help quit smoking with supportive approach

A new study has suggested that family, friends and loved ones can play a crucial role to help quit smoking, if they go for a supportive approach.

Smoking e-cigs may lead to drug addiction

A new study has observed that smoking e-cigarettes may encourage the addiction to other substances, such as marijuana and cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan uses hypnotherapy to quit smoking?
Lindsay Lohan uses hypnotherapy to quit smoking?


London: 'Mean Girls' star Lindsay Lohan has reportedly turned to hypnotherapy in a bid to quit cigarettes ahead of her stage debut during the end of this month.

Lindsay Lohan seeks hypnosis to quit smoking
Lindsay Lohan seeks hypnosis to quit smoking

Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly seeking hypnotherapy to help her give up smoking before her West End theatre debut later this month.

Beware! Cigarette substitutes bad for bones

Are you trying e-cigarettes or other nicotine replacement therapies to overcome addiction to cigarette smoking? Be warned, as they are not as safe as you might have assumed, said a study.

Pollution, smoking, roads, obesity kill 4.7mn Chinese a year

Air pollution, smoking, obesity and accidents, especially on the road, kill at least 4.7 million Chinese a year and cost the country tens of billions of dollars, researchers said on Friday.

WHO urges stiff regulatory curbs on e-cigarettes

The World Health Organization (WHO) called for stiff regulation of electronic cigarettes as well as bans on indoor use, advertising and sales to minors, in the latest bid to control the booming new market.

Special gene variant leads to heavy smoking

 A new study has suggested a direct correlation between smoking and mortality showing that a special gene variant increases the risk of heavy smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy affects future grandkids` growth

A new study has revealed that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman`s future grandkids.

Om Puri `fine` post mouth surgery

Veteran actor Om Puri, who recently underwent mouth surgery, says all is well now.

Low-educated smokers at greater stroke risk: Study

Adults smokers with limited education face a greater risk of stroke than those with a higher education, says a study.