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Snails help scientists investigate rise, fall of Tibetan Plateau

Snails help scientists investigate rise, fall of Tibetan Plateau

A new research has helped scientists investigate the rise and fall of the Tibetan Plateau by using snail shells.

Snails bigger danger to humans than combo of lions, sharks and wolves

Freshwater snails cause the death of about 10,000 people every year, in comparison, the three traditional predators kill just 120 across the globe annually.

Clams and snails help inspire new gen of robots

Researchers have been able to create robotic devices after observing snails and clams.

Snails can hit top speed of 1 metre an hour

Snails can hit a top speed of one metre an hour, travelling the length of an average garden in a night, a new study has found.

Snails offer wealth of information on past weather

Snails can provide a wealth of information about the prevailing weather conditions thousands of years ago, says a new research.

Snails can tell us about the weather

Old wives` tales that snails can tell us about the weather is somewhat true.

Snails clear seaweed to keep coral reefs beautiful

Tiny snails keep coral reefs and seashores stunningly beautiful by getting rid of the ugly seaweed, a study says.

Global warming `could kill off snails`

Scientists have warned that global warming could kill off some of the world`s smallest and slimiest creatures such as snails.