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Russia faces US ire over Snowden asylum

Russia on Friday faced the wrath of the United States after granting asylum to fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, who was settling into a safe house after over five weeks marooned in a Moscow airport transit zone.

Snowden tells rights groups he wants Russia asylum

Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Friday told rights activists he would seek asylum in Russia, in his first encounter with the outside world since becoming marooned at a Moscow airport three weeks ago.

Snowden must not be allowed further travel: US

Snowden should not be allowed further international travel from Moscow except back to the US, the White House said.

Venezuela eyed as Snowden seeks asylum

NSA leaker Edward Snowden`s best chance of finding refuge outside the United States may hinge on the president of Venezuela, who was in Moscow today meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Snowden asylum document unauthorized, says Ecuador

A govt employee issued a safe conduct pass for NSA leaker Edward Snowden to travel to Ecuador to seek asylum, but the action was unauthorized and the pass has no validity.