Twitter to allow pre-roll advertising to videos soon

Twitter to allow pre-roll advertising to videos soon

You will have to wait a little more for the video on Twitter to play as the microblogging site is soon going to allow pre-rolling of video ads.

UN slams Nauru for Facebook ban, stifling dissent

The United Nations on Monday criticised the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru for blocking access to the Internet, including Facebook, and urged it to reverse a clampdown on freedom of speech.

Is government aware Facebook gets licence to uploaded content, asks HC

The Delhi High Court today said "it appears" that when anything was uploaded on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter the websites got a licence to the intellectual property rights of the content without paying any royalty and asked the Centre whether it was aware of this.

Facebook sharing boosts involvement with news and information

Facebook sharing boosts involvement with news and information

Sharing and discussing news content on social media sites such as Facebook can drive greater involvement with news and information, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Facebook pushing kids to hop onto junk foodwagon: Study

If your growing kid cannot think beyond junk food like burgers or pizza to satiate his/her hunger pangs, blame Facebook.

Tweeters to be offered legal tips to avoid lawsuits

The government`s chief legal adviser said on Wednesday he plans to offer guidelines to social media users to help them avoid breaking Britain`s laws on contempt when posting comments about court cases.

New search tool could help locate you even in untagged snaps

Engineers from the University of Toronto have developed a new algorithm that could potentially change and simplify the way we look for pics among the billions on social media sites.

Now, a t-shirt to thwart Facebook auto-tagging!

For those who are annoyed with their photographs being auto-tagged on social media sites like Facebook, a new t-shirt has been designed in a bid to thwart automated face recognition.

Russia looks to ban dirty language on social media to protect children

A unique system has been designed by the researchers that will encrypt software in order to make it impervious to reverse-engineering.

Stricter US laws to govern underage kids on social media sites

By July, Facebook, Google, Tumblr and others will likely be forced to remove photos, videos, audio recordings or other personal identifiers of children, a report has said.

Sibal says no censorship on social media

No Indian government will ever censor social media, Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal said, seeking to calm fears of a China-style crackdown on companies like Google and Facebook.