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Olivier Giroud reveals secret behind good looks- hairdryer!

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has revealed that the secret behind his good looks is his hairdryer.

Graeme Swann`s singing and mimicking almost match his spinning skills!

England spinner Graeme Swann has the same confidence he has while bowling that he has on stage, according to guitarist Andy Afford, a former left-arm spinner.

Novak Djokovic has an airplane named after him!

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has got a commercial jet named after him and a Djokovic-named Airbus 319 ins the first in a series of `Serbia living legends` to appear on the new Air Serbia aircraft.

Roger Federer`s cow auctioned off for charity

Seven-time Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer`s cow named Desire, which was gifted by the organizers of the ATP Gstaad tournament, has been auctioned and sold at a price of about 4320 dollars, with the proceeds going to charity.