'Sun has maximum impact when the Earth is cooler'

Giving fresh insight into the role of the Sun in climate change, a new study shows its impact is not constant over time but has greater significance when the Earth is cooler.

Solar activity weakest in a century

The Sun is at its weakest in 100 years despite being at the peak of its 11-year cycle, scientists have found.

Solar activity `not key culprit behind climate change`

Researchers have said that climate change has not been strongly influenced by variations in heat from the sun.

Two large, complex sunspots spotted on Sun`s face

Two large, complex sunspots have been spotted by astrophysicists moving across the face of the sun.

Solar activity responsible for no more than 10% of global warming

A new study has suggested that changes in solar activity have contributed no more than 10 per cent to global warming in the 20th century.

Global warming slowdown unlikely to last for long

Scientists have revealed that a `hiatus` in global warming- partly caused by natural climate variations this century - is not likely to last.

Planets have no influence on solar activity!

The planets can affect the solar activity on the sun by exerting tides but these effects are extremely tiny, just a few millimeters, in comparison to all other dynamical forces, a new research has claimed.

Extremely cold European winters linked to solar activity

It has been assumed that the Sun’s 11-year cycle influences climate of certain regions on Earth, but scientists couldn’t find strong evidence to prove it - until now.

New cycle of solar-terrestrial activity

The onset was expected by 2009, but the Sun remained surprisingly quiet.