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ETI Dynamics introduces solar electric hybrid vehicles in India

ETI Dynamics announced the launch of a solar electric hybrid vehicle here on Friday.

'Robotic Eel' to explore Jupiter's moon Europa
'Robotic Eel' to explore Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA is planning a "robotic eel" to explore the icy waters of Jupiter's moon Europa where it will derive energy from the local magnetic fields.

West Bengal to install solar panels in schools, hospitals

The West Bengal government will start installing solar panels in 100 schools and hospitals across the state this November, state Environment Minister Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar said.

US challenges India`s solar export restrictions, alleges it`s discriminatory

The US on Monday challenged the domestic content requirement of India`s solar mission, which it alleged is discriminatory and against international norms, including WTO laws.

Scientists want clean energies promoted

Top-level scientists attending a Nobel laureates forum in Beijing have urged all countries to push forward development of clean energies.

China offers EU solar cell export quota: Report

China has offered a quota for its solar panel exports to the European Union, state media reported on Friday with the two sides embroiled in a series of trade disputes.

Astronaut finds `bullet hole` in ISS solar panel

A small object, possibly a meteoroid, has pierced a solar panel on the International Space Station, leaving a “bullet hole”, Canadian astronaut and Expedition 35 commander Chris Hadfield has said.

`Solar panel` eye implant promises sight!

Scientists have devised a system using tiny solar-panel-like cells surgically placed underneath the retina, which may someday restore sight.

3D solar towers could up power output by 20%

Researchers have come up with innovative 3D solar panel designs, which could offer power output ranging from double to more than 20 times.

Ivy leaf-shaped panel to generate power

The panels generate electricity that is used by the building, offsetting the amount of power the building buys from the utility company.

Germany sells vision for `green toys` to world

Germany is also at the forefront of creating environment-friendly toys.