Kochi airport - World's first solar-powered airport!

Kochi Airport is India's first airport to solely run on Solar energy. The engineers told our reporters that it was a six months project and the output is very efficient.

Solar dome to create awareness about solar energy

Solar dome to create awareness about solar energy

The entire dome will be covered by solar panels which, in turn, will produce electricity to run the project and will also provide power to the nearby Eco-Park at Rajarhat.

DNA: Australian Daily cartoon shows Indians eating solar panels

A cartoon published in a leading Australian daily today depicted Indians as starving and eating solar panels, drawing rebuke with many condemning it as "racist".The cartoon appeared in the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Australian in response to the Paris climate conference.The cartoon shows an emaciat

Racist much? Australian daily's cartoon shows Indians eating solar panels!

Racist much? Australian daily's cartoon shows Indians eating solar panels!

The said cartoon depicts an emaciated Indian family breaking up solar panels and one person trying to eat them with 'mango chutney'.

Faridabad Metro line's overbridges to have solar panels

Delhi Metro on Friday decided to install solar power panels on the foot-overbridges at the Faridabad corridor stations (Sarai to Escorts Mujesar), which will produce solar power of 225 KW.

PM Modi visits Masdar planned city project in Abu Dhabi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday visited the Masdar planned city project in Abu Dhabi. Masdar planned city is an eco-friendly zone, which relies on solar and other renewable energy sources for its energy requirements.

Now, solar cells made of animal blood to tap energy

Now, solar cells made of animal blood to tap energy

In a move to optimise the cost of solar power, researchers of the premier S N Bose Institute of Basic Sciences have come up with an idea to lessen over-dependence on silicon for creation of solar panels.

Butterfly-inspired technique could make solar energy cheaper

Butterfly-inspired technique could make solar energy cheaper

 Mimicking the v-shaped posture adopted by a butterfly species to heat up its flight muscles before take-off, the amount of power produced by solar panels can increase by almost 50 percent, a study led by an Indian-origin scientist has found.

New design to boost ability of low cost solar panels

A new design can make low cost solar panels more efficient by enhancing their ability to collect the sun`s energy and release it as electricity, shows research.

New stretchy 'conductive ink' for wearable tech developed

Researchers have developed a new "conductive" ink that can be used to create wearable electronic apparels.

2000 acres identified for solar power plants in Haryana

 Haryana government on Saturday said it has identified about 2,000 acres of panchayat land in the state having potential of installation of solar power plants of 200 Mw capacity.

India not to impose anti-dumping duty on solar panels: Nirmala

India has decided not to impose anti-dumping duty on imports of solar panels from countries like the US and China, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Wednesday.

A `surface` that control fluids

Defying gravitational forces, an Indian-origin scientist-led team has developed a new way of making surfaces that can actively control how fluids or particles move across them.

Study reveals tofu ingredient could revolutionize solar panel production

A new study has found that chemical used to make tofu and bath salts could also replace a highly toxic and expensive substance used to make solar cells.

Efficient solar cells are a step closer

The more light a solar panel`s active elements absorb, the more power it produces. So, researchers have now replaced a two-step process for producing black silicon - highly efficient materials that reflect almost no light - with one.

US sets new import duties on Chinese solar products

The United States slapped new import duties on solar panels and other related products from China on Tuesday after the Commerce department ruled they were produced using Chinese government subsidies, potentially inflaming trade tensions between the two countries.

Solar-powered Internet access set to broaden reach of web

Solar energy can soon be harnessed into obtaining an Internet access!

World`s first plant-powered FM radio is here

Named Moss FM, the radio is designed by University of Cambridge biochemist Paolo Bombelli and London-based product designer Fabienne Felder.

Soon, drones to put solar and wind power plants in sky

A UK company is in the midst of developing a technology that will take power plants to skies.

Solar panels to brighten homes of rape victims

Solar power has come to the rescue of terrorised womenfolk in Kamduni village on the outskirts of Kolkata who had stopped going out of their houses after dusk after a 20-year-old girl was brutally gangraped and killed.