Solar plane makes inaugural flight

A revolutionary solar-powered plane, that will try to fly around the world next year, has successfully made its inaugural test flight in Switzerland.

Solar plane lands in Arizona, 1st leg of trip

A solar-powered airplane landed in Phoenix early Saturday morning after a flight from California that included several hours in the air after sundown.

Solar plane completes first intercontinental flight

A solar-powered plane that took off on the world’s first intercontinental flight has landed in the Moroccan capital Rabat after flying across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.

Solar plane to make first cross-continent flight

The world`s largest solar-powered plane, Swiss-made Solar Impulse, will take its first-ever cross-continent flight in May or June.

Swiss solar plane takes off for 1st international flight

The aircraft is expected to take about 12 hours to complete the journey to Brussels Airport.

‘Eternal’ solar plane Zephyr confirmed record-breaker

Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), gave Zephyr three records including longest time aloft.

Solar plane sets out on historic flight

A solar-powered plane has begun a 24hr historic test flight by flying through the night.

Solar plane`s flight delayed by technical problems

An attempt to fly Solar Impulse, through night powered by the Sun is deferred.

Solar-powered plane set for pioneering night flight

The prototype of a Swiss bid to fly around the world on solar energy is set to take to the skies.

Solar-powered plane makes successful maiden flight

At the pace of a fast bicycle, a solar-powered plane took to the skies for its
maiden flight, passing an important test on the way to a historic voyage around the world, a journey that would not use a drop of fuel.