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New technique to hunt for Earth-like planets
New technique to hunt for Earth-like planets

German researchers have developed a new technique that will help astronomers hunt for Earth-like planets around distant stars with ease.

'Super telescope' to improve space weather forecasts

To be launched in 2019, the world's biggest solar telescope based in Hawaii would significantly improve the forecasting of space weather hazards, say researchers from the University of Sheffield in Britain.

India to make world`s largest solar telescope

India is likely to begin construction of the world`s largest solar telescope on the foothills of the Himalayas in Ladakh to understand the fundamental processes taking place on the Sun by year-end, a senior official said Saturday.

Ladakh to get world`s largest solar telescope

The Jammu and Kashmir government has assured all help and co-operation to the union Department of Science and Technology in its endeavour to set up a solar telescope.