Sun's heliosphere dominated by two solar jets: NASA
Sun's heliosphere dominated by two solar jets: NASA

Contrary to earlier visualisations, the sun's heliosphere is dominated by two giant jets of material shooting backwards over the north and south poles of the sun.

Titan behaves like Venus, Mars when exposed to raw power of solar wind

NASA's Cassini mission has recently found that Saturn's largest moon, Titan, behaves like Venus and Mars when exposed to raw power of solar wind.

Solar wind may predict earth-bound meteoroids

 Space rocks heading towards the Earth that often go undetected by telescopes could potentially be identified by spotting changes in solar wind, streams of plasma, and particles spewing from the sun, a new research has suggested.

How solar wind breaks through earth`s magnetic field

A wind of charged particles blows outwards from the sun, carrying a magnetic field with it and sometimes this solar wind can break through the earth`s magnetic field.

Will `vintage` sun explorer be saved in nick of time?

A “vintage” sun explorer satellite launched in 1978 by NASA to monitor the solar wind is going to fly past earth by mid-June next month.

NASA`s IBEX reveals cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field

NASA `s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) has helped paint picture of the magnetic system beyond the solar wind.

Venus behaves like comet during reduced solar wind pressure

European Space Agency`s Venus Express has made unique observations of Venus during a period of reduced solar wind pressure, that the planet`s ionosphere balloons out like a comet`s tail on its nightside.

Voyager`s space observations challenge scientists’ views of physics

A new study has analysed the magnetic field fluctuations and cosmic ray intensity observed by Voyager 1 in heliosheath, the bubble created by charged particles flowing outward from the Sun.

Earth’s magnetosphere allows solar wind to leak into it

Data from European Space Agency’s Cluster mission has revealed that it is easier for the solar wind to penetrate Earth’s magnetic environment, the magnetosphere.

Origin of water ice on moon revealed

A team of researchers has concluded that the most likely source of the water locked inside soils on the moon’s surface is the constant stream of charged particles from the sun known as the solar wind.

Electric Moon jolts solar wind causing turbulence

A powerful combination of spacecraft and computer simulations has revealed that the Moon have a far-reaching, invisible influence on the Sun, or more specifically, the solar wind.

Fiery weather explosions detected on Venus

Researchers have observed a type of space weather outburst on Venus, which are quite common on Earth.