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Diabetes risk for South Asians kicks off at birth

 A new research has suggested that the risks of developing type 2 diabetes for South Asians, a group long known to suffer from substantially higher rates of both diabetes and heart disease, begins immediately at birth.

South Asians less cancer aware: UK study

South Asian origin people in England are less aware of the warning signs of cancer than white people, according to research led by King's College London.

South Asians in Canada face increased risk of diseases

South Asians, including people from India, living in Canada have a higher rate of heart disease and double the rate of diabetes compared with Caucasian people, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher.

UK faces claims of border discrimination against Pakistanis

UK is working to address claims that people of Pakistani origin are 52 times more likely to be stopped at its borders compared to other South Asians.

Small lifestyle changes can help `lower type 2 diabetes risk`

Researchers have suggested that South Asian families could help improve their chance to lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by making modest lifestyle changes in diet and activity.

Two more Indians charged in Singapore for rioting

Two more Indians were charged on Saturday by authorities here for their alleged involvement in Singapore`s worst outbreak of riot in over 40 years, taking the total number of Indians arraigned in the violence to 33.

Driver involved in Singapore accident to be charged

The driver involved in Sunday night`s accident in Singapore that sparked riots will be charged Tuesday with causing death by negligence.

24 Indians brought to court to face rioting charges

All the accused face charges under "rioting with dangerous weapons", punishable by up to seven years in prison as well as caning.

Singapore Little India riot: Was alcohol a cause of violence?

In a bid to calm down the after-effects of a riot that broke out in Little India, Singapore has decided to impose a complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in the affected area this weekend, reports said.

Riots hit Singapore’s Little India, 24 Indians arrested

The Singapore police arrested 27 South Asians over the riots and has said more will be held soon.

South Asians at lesser risk of death from heart diseases than East Asians

A new research has found that the association between body fat and mortality due to cardiovascular disease differs between south and East Asians.

South Asians advised to exercise more to lower diabetes risk

People from South Asian countries like from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are urged to exercise more than white Europeans to achieve the same levels of fitness and reduce their risk of diabetes.

South Asians rely on informal money transfers: Gallup

Nearly six in ten adults in the South Asian region and Indonesia sent or received a payment or remittance in 2012 with a majority doing so informally, according to a new Gallup study.

South Asians call for humane reform of US immigration system

As Barack Obama moves ahead with his ambitious immigration reforms, a coalition of South Asian organisations called for a just and humane system.

South Asians fear racial profiling over US court ruling

The Supreme Court upheld what has been dubbed "show me your papers" provision allowing police to check people`s immigration status.

S Asians pledge to ensure fundamental ideals of US

South Asians have pledged to work to ensure that US remains true to its fundamental ideals of fairness and inclusion.

6 new genes linked to diabetes in South Asians identified

A new study has identified six new genes that are responsible for the early onset of type-2 diabetes in South Asians.

Post 9/11 policies still trouble South Asians

US will be observing the 10th anniversary of the terrorist strike of the twin towers in New York on September 11.

Fat is more dangerous for South Asians: Study

The main difference between Caucasians and South Asians comes down to how much space there is to store fat in the body and where it holes up.

Fat is more dangerous for South Asians: Study

The main difference between Caucasians and South Asians comes down to how much space there is to store fat in the body and where it holes up.