Some South Korean ferry mourners tire of the politics of closure

A man whose 17-year-old child was killed in the April sinking of a South Korean ferry, the country`s worst maritime accident in decades, said he is ready to move on, tired of the political wrangling and mud-slinging four months after disaster struck.

Hunger-striking father of South Korean ferry victim hospitalised

The father of one of the high school students killed in South Korea`s ferry disaster was hospitalised Friday after mounting a 40-day hunger strike to demand a full independent inquiry.

Some South Korean ferry mourners tire of activists seizing their cause

South Korean families who lost loved ones in April`s ferry disaster are demanding accountability from the government, but some have grown weary of strident activists adopting their cause for political ends.

God will give me two or three more years, says Pope

Pope Francis has publicly broached the prospect of his own death for the first time, giving himself "two or three years" but not ruling out retirement before then.

South Korea running out of spent nuclear fuel storage space: Advisory body

South Korea needs to quickly find additional space where it can store its spent nuclear fuel because some of its temporary storage capacity will be full by 2016, an independent body that advises the government on nuclear issues said on Monday.

South Korea, US launch joint military drill

South Korea and the US Monday launched a joint military exercise aimed at defending South Korea from possible security threats from North Korea.

Pope wraps up Asia trip with call for Korean peace

Pope Francis is wrapping up his first visit to Asia with a Mass for peace and reconciliation in Seoul`s cathedral attended by the South Korean president and a handful of North Korean defectors.

S. Korea, US starts military drill despite North threats

South Korea and the United States on Monday launched an annual military drill, Seoul`s defence ministry said, despite condemnation by North Korea which has threatened a "merciless" retaliatory strike.

Pope tells Asia`s communist nations not to fear Christians

Francis made his comments, some of them unscripted, in an address to about 70 bishops from 35 Asian countries gathered in the town of Haeme, south of Seoul, on the next-to-last day of his trip to South Korea.

Pope baptises father of Korea ferry disaster victim

Pope Francis today baptised the father of one of hundreds of high school students killed in South Korea`s Sewol ferry disaster in April, the pontiff`s spokesman said.

North Korea threatens `merciless` strike against US-South Korea drill

North Korea warned Sunday of a "merciless" pre-emptive strike as it blasted upcoming joint US-South Korean military exercises as a rehearsal for nuclear war.

Pope makes strong, silent anti-abortion statement

Pope Francis has generally avoided hot-button "culture war" issues like abortion, arguing that the church`s doctrine on the sanctity of life is well-known and that he`d rather emphasize other aspects of church teaching.

Pope warns of `cancer` of despair in South Korea sermon

Pope Francis warned of the "cancer" of despair that afflicts outwardly affluent societies and called on South Korean Catholics to reject "inhuman economic models" at a mass for 45,000 people on Friday on the first papal trip to Asia in 15 years.

South Korea slams Japan war shrine visits

South Korea denounced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for offering donations to a controversial war shrine that Seoul sees as a symbol of Tokyo`s militarist past.

South Korea suggests Northeast Asia nuclear safety group

South Korean President Park Geun-hye urged the creation of a nuclear safety consultative group in Northeast Asia, given the high number of nuclear power plants in the region and public concerns over safety.

North Korea says rockets not linked to visit by `so-called pope`

North Korea ridiculed suggestions that it had sought to upstage the visit of the "so-called pope" to South Korea by firing a series of short-range rockets as the pontiff flew into Seoul.

South Korea`s Park urges North Korea to accept talks offer

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye urged North Korea to accept Seoul`s offer for high-level talks, while condemning a recent series of "intolerable" rocket launches by the nuclear-armed neighbour.

Japanese Cabinet ministers visit controversial war shrine

Two Japanese Cabinet ministers visited a controversial war shrine in a move likely to aggravate already tense relations with neighbours China and South Korea, which see it as a symbol of Tokyo`s militarist past.

Pope Francis meets South Korea ferry disaster relatives at public mass

Pope Francis met relatives of South Korea`s ferry disaster as 45,000 ecstatic people packed into a sports stadium for a mass on the first papal trip to Asia in 15 years.

Dialogue not `displays of force` key to Korean peace: Pope Francis

Pope Francis said dialogue and not "displays of force" would bring peace to the divided Korean peninsula as he began a visit to South Korea that the nuclear-armed North marked with a series of rocket launches.