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ICC asks UN to help arrest Sudan`s President

The UN Security Council authorised the International Criminal Court to investigate atrocities in Darfur in 2005.

South Sudan `repels Sudan attack before talks`

South Sudan and Sudan are to resume negotiations over oil wealth sharing and defining their shared border.

UN council calls for Sudan agreement

The UNSC unanimously adopted a resolution demanding the finalisation of a jointly-run administration and police force for Abyei.

South Sudan to get anti-aircraft missiles

South Sudan`s independence has failed to resolve all issues with its northern neighbour Sudan.

Sudan agrees to halt hostilities with South Sudan

The Sudanese government reiterated its right to respond to any aggression targeting its lands.

Arrested foreigners have military history: Sudan

Sudan`s Army spokesman says that three foreigners and a South Sudanese national had military hardware and an armoured vehicle.

US draft warns Sudan, South Sudan of sanctions

The AU`s Peace and Security Council on Tuesday urged Sudan and South Sudan to cease hostilities within 48 hours.

Arab League condemns South Sudan `aggression`

South Sudan seceded from Sudan last year after a referendum held as part of a 2005 peace deal.

Sudan bombs South Sudan border area, kills three

Sudanese warplanes carried out air strikes on South Sudan, three days after South Sudan pulled out of a disputed oil field.

Muslim mob torches Catholic church in Khartoum

Last week, South Sudanese troops seized Heglig, which the southerners call Panthou, sending Sudanese troops fleeing.

S Sudan withdraws from oil area, Sudan celebrates

Tensions have been rising since South Sudan split away from Sudan as an independent country in July.

Uganda to back South Sudan in any Sudan war

Sudan`s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has vowed to teach South Sudan a "final lesson by force".

Sudan will not `give an inch` of country: Bashir

Sudan`s Omar Hassan al-Bashir said he would retake the disputed oil-producing Heglig region.

Sudan vows to topple Juba; S Sudan seeks talks

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has threatened to topple the "insect" Juba government.

South Sudan `repulses` Sudan attack on Heglig

The Sudanese Army said late on Friday its forces were advancing on Heglig town, which it lost to South Sudan`s Army on Tuesday.

UNSC demands end to Sudan, South Sudan clashes

South Sudan has accused Sudan of launching air strikes on some of its major oilfields.

Sudan accuses South of attack ahead of talks

South Sudan has been at loggerheads with Sudan since seceding in July under a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war.

China hopes for better ties with South Sudan

Head of Petrodar Operating Company in South Sudan was expelled over allegations he conspired with Sudan to steal the south`s oil.

Sudan, S Sudan ink security pact to calm tensions

South Sudan took three-quarters of Sudan`s oil production but needs to sell its crude through northern export facilities.

China: Body of missing worker recovered in Sudan

The worker went missing on January 28 when a group belonging to the Sudan People`s Liberation Army attacked Chinese workers.