Russia to deploy new systems to detect space objects

Moscow: Russia will deploy dozens of new-generation early warning stations by 2018 to detect space objects such as debris and meteorites, Russia's Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) said Monday.

Space debris: ISRO chief raises concern over satellites' safety
Space debris: ISRO chief raises concern over satellites' safety

ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan Tuesday raised concern over the safety of satellites due to space debris and batted for a comprehensive space policy for the country.

ISRO conducts special analysis for satellite safety: Govt

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ESA satellite to remove space junk

A new European mission aims to rendezvous a satellite with the hazardous space debris to render it harmless by netting it like fish.

Call for control of space debris

People are working on the real-life problem of orbiting space debris that was dramatised in the Oscar-winning film `Gravity`, and are trying to extend the public attention created by the movie.

Space debris can make future space missions impossible

There may soon be so much debris in orbit around the Earth that future space missions could become impossible, scientists have warned.

Scientists set to laser-blast orbiting space debris

Scientists have reportedly come up with a plan that would use lasers to remove orbiting space debris.

Mini `space cop` satellites to control traffic in space

A team of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are using mini-satellites that work as " space cops" to help control traffic in space.

Japan scientists test tether to clear up space junk

Japanese space scientists are set to trial a tether they hope will help pull junk out of orbit around Earth, clearing up tonnes of planetary clutter, they said Thursday.

US, Canada sign agreement to share data on space debris

The United States and Canada have signed an agreement to share data on orbiting space debris, asteroids and other hazards to space flight, the US military said on Friday.

Research programme to tackle asteroids and space debris

Leading scientists will push the boundary of studies on deflecting asteroids and manipulating space debris under a new programme of Britain`s University of Strathclyde that aims to protect the earth from catastrophic impacts.

ESA`s out-of-fuel GOCE satellite disintegrates after entering Earth`s atmosphere

ESA`s GOCE satellite that re-entered Earth disintegrated in the high atmosphere.

European Space Agency satellite to break up late Sunday

Fragments from a science satellite are likely to crash to Earth late Sunday or early Monday after the one-tonne probe breaks up at the end of its mission, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Friday.

European Satellite to fall to Earth but no one is sure where it will land

A hi-tech satellite is set to fall to Earth after a successful mission but the exact crash site of the debris is yet to be determined.

Out-of-fuel European satellite to come crashing down

A satellite monitoring Earth`s gravity field since 2009 will run out of fuel "in the coming days" and eventually crash, with little risk to humans, the European Space Agency said today.

Space debris problem now urgent: Scientists

Governments must start working urgently to remove orbital debris, which could become a catastrophic problem for satellites a few decades from now, a space science conference heard on Thursday.

Plans to clean up space debris underway

As space experts are meeting to try to solve the growing problem of space junk, British scientists have invented a harpoon that could punch a hole in space debris and send it crashing safely back down to Earth.

`Catastrophic` space debris collisions expected to rise

Some satellite orbits will become extremely hazardous over the next 200 years if space debris is not actively tackled, a new study has warned.

Plan to switch Space Station’s orbit dropped

Russia`s Mission Control Center announced that it dropped an earlier plan to move the International Space Station into a different orbit to avoid possible collision with space debris.

NASA to clear space junk with gas puffs

NASA hopes to sweep away more than half a million pieces of space junk, adrift in the skies, with a radical solution.