Object 2014-28E : A Russian space weapon or space junk?
Object 2014-28E : A Russian space weapon or space junk?

A mysterious object launched by Russia earlier this year has been tracked by the Western space agencies, sparking fears and concerns of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites.

ESA satellite to remove space junk

A new European mission aims to rendezvous a satellite with the hazardous space debris to render it harmless by netting it like fish.

Pop songs, talkback radio helping astronomers track harmful space junk

Scientists have discovered a surprising new way to keep a check on space junk and prevent any catastrophic collisions with Earth - by using pop songs, talkback radio and highly advanced science.

Plans to clean up space debris underway

As space experts are meeting to try to solve the growing problem of space junk, British scientists have invented a harpoon that could punch a hole in space debris and send it crashing safely back down to Earth.

NASA to clear space junk with gas puffs

NASA hopes to sweep away more than half a million pieces of space junk, adrift in the skies, with a radical solution.

Space junk misses station astronauts

The debris came closest at 2:38 a.m. EDT.

ISS moves up and out of way of debris

The International Space Station has moved up and out of the way of a softball-sized piece of space junk.

Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth Jan 15

A Russian spacecraft designed to burnish the nation`s faded space glory in a mission to one of Mars` moons has turned into one of the heaviest, most toxic pieces of space junk ever.

ISS avoids collision with space junk

The Russian Mission Control has carried out an emergency adjustment of the International Space Station`s orbit to avoid its possible collision with a piece of an old Russian launch vehicle.

Space junk littering orbit; might need cleaning up

Space junk has made such a mess of Earth`s orbit that experts say we may need to finally think about cleaning it up.

Stars to help track space junk

Optical techniques developed to observe and position GEO satellites using telescopes.

Lasers could zap space junk

NASA has proposed using a low-powered, ground-based laser to avoid collisions among space debris.

Space junk as dangerous as weapons: Scientists

Space debris are equally dangerous as the weapons, warn scientists.

Australian laser system to track space junk

There are an estimated 2 lakh objects measuring less than one centimetre floating in orbit.

Space junk may crash earth`s communication networks

Junk of abandoned rockets, shattered satellites and missile shrapnel in space may cause collision between satellites, destroying communication facilities on earth, the US defence department has warned.

Shuttle survey stalled as NASA watches space junk

Astronauts on Atlantis are struggling with a camera-pointing problem as they speed toward ISS.

Soon, laser ``tractor beams`` to clear up space junk

Now a tractor beam could prevent the accumulation of space debris—including all the dead satellites, discarded rocket boosters and other junk—in the Earth`s orbit, suggests an expert.