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China to launch second space lab

China to launch second space lab

China's multi-billion-dollar space programme aims to put a permanent manned space station into service around 2022.

Ageing ISS a space lab of `unlimited` opportunity

It may be 350 kilometers (215 miles) above Earth and a place that only a privileged few will ever visit, but the ISS is crucial to advances in science, health and technology, experts say.

China to launch 2nd manned spacecraft to test its space lab

China will launch a second manned space mission this month to test its space lab being built to rival Mir, the international space station being operated by Russia and the US.

China reschedules launch of its first space lab

China has rescheduled the launch of the first unmanned space lab Tiangong-1 due to the failure of an experimental orbiter, a spokesperson said Thursday.