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Twitter exec`s account fires off spam posts

An official Twitter account for the company`s chief financial officer unleashed a barrage of spam posts on Tuesday in what may have been a hack or a glitch.

Hacked e-mails spread spam faster

Hacked e-mails spread spam faster

Spams spread faster and to more people when it is sent out of hacked or compromised email accounts, research shows.

China proposes tougher rules on text message spam

 China has proposed stricter regulations on sending spam to mobile phones, including fines of up to 30,000 yuan ($4,907) for violations, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.

Facebook steps up battle on `fake likes`

Facebook steps up battle on `fake likes`

Facebook said Friday it has stepped up its battle against spammers who promise to deliver "likes" to its members, and warned users on using such scams.

Superman tops list of 10 most toxic superhero links on internet

McAfee reveals that superman links are the most lethal out of all superhero links on Internet.

India fourth among nations sending out spam, malicious content

India ranked fourth in the list of countries sending out spam e-mails with malicious content like ads for pharma products and sexually explicit material, a Microsoft report has said.

India fourth among nations sending out spam, malicious content

The US topped the list of countries having sent maximum number of botnet spam during January-June 2013, followed by China, the UK and India, the survey said.

Snapchat users hit by `smoothie spam` hack attack

Snapchat users have been reportedly hit with a smoothie picture, containing a spam URL, directing them to weight-loss supplements.

Record penalty handed down for New Zealand spamming

An Auckland company has been ordered to pay $99,610 in the largest ever penalty imposed for sending spam in New Zealand, authorities said Thursday.

Hackers release `spam Flappy Bird` to trick users into sending premium messages

The original Flappy Bird has been officially taken off the mobile app stores, but hackers have reportedly released knock-offs of the `addictive` game, containing spam, to trick users into sending premium rate text messages.

US, China world`s top countries relaying spam on web

The US and China have been reportedly found to be the two top countries in the world relaying spam to Internet users.

Spam link with enticing description goes viral on Facebook

A fake video enticing people to click on the picture of a bikini-clad woman on a beach has reportedly gone viral on social networking giant Facebook.

Cyber criminals hack smart fridge to send out spam

A fridge was among more than 100,000 devices hacked by cyber criminals to send out spam emails - in what may be the first proven cyberattack on household "smart" appliances, researchers say.

YouTube to fix bug in Google+ synced comment system

YouTube has reportedly acknowledged that there are issues with its `mandatory` Google+ synced comments system and will soon be issuing fixes for the bug.

YouTube`s new commenting system draws ire from users

Google recently changed the commenting system on its video site YouTube, in a bid to personalize the service.

Social media spam increased 355% in first half of 2013: Study

A new study has revealed that spam on the typical social media account has risen 355 percent in the first half of 2013 as spammers have better chances of going undetected on these sites.

Instagram hit with `miracle fruit diet` spam

Photo sharing app Instagram was reportedly hit with `miracle fruit diet` spam when users` accounts were hacked and photos of fruits were posted.

India in top three 'spam spewing' global nations list

Just 20 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) out of over 42,201 are responsible for spreading 50 percent of junk mails, phishing attacks and other malicious messages, a survey has revealed.

India world`s third largest `spam spewing nation`

India has been placed third on the list of the countries distributing spam across the world, a report has said.

Researchers propose new way of blocking spam mails

Researchers at Concordia University have proposed a new method to get rid of unwanted emails in inboxes.