Spain okays Repsol plan for Canary Islands exploration

The Spanish government on Thursday gave oil giant Repsol the green light to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the Canary Islands, a move that environmental groups described as "unjustifiable".

Spain agrees extradition of Kazakhstan opponent

Spain`s cabinet approved the extradition during its regular cabinet meeting on Friday.

Spain government takes tough stand on abortion

The Spanish government has given its consent to the tough abortion law that would not allow Spanish women to freely choose an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy.

Spain approves missile-defence pact with US

The authorization was approved at the Council of Ministers` weekly meeting and comes a year after Spain announced it would take part in the project.

Spanish government approves controversial abortion reforms

Spain`s Socialist government on Saturday
approved controversial reforms to the country`s abortion law
which would allow women as young as 16 to undergo the
procedure without parental consent.