New device enables ultra-fast steering of light beams

A team of engineers have developed a new device that can shape and steer beams of light at never before achieved speeds.

Speed-reading apps may not be as helpful as believed

Researchers have pointed out that speed-reading apps can impair reading comprehension by limiting ability to backtrack.

Soon, `teardrop` shaped pedal-bike that will let you zip at 90mph!

Students from Liverpool University are in the process of making a bicycle, which would be encased in an aerodynamic outer shell, at 90mph.

Keanu Reeves to star in psychological thriller

`Speed` star Keanu Reeves will be next seen in psychological thriller `Knock Knock` directed by Eli Roth.

Researchers develop device to speed up computers

Computers have certainly made our lives easier. Here is some more good news as researchers in the US have created a device that will speed up future computers by using both optical and electronic signals.

Japan plans to run 600 kmph train by 2027

The Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) has made public its project to build a magnetic train service capable of reaching 600 kmph (373 mph) that is scheduled to go into operation in 2027.

How cheetahs catch their prey

A new study has revealed that the cheetah, which is the world`s fastest land animal, matches and may even anticipate the escape tactics of different prey when hunting, rather than just relying on its speed and agility, as previously thought.

By 2013, computers will be 1000 times faster

Get ready for the next-generation computers and smartphones that are up to 1,000 times faster than the systems you use today.

James Bond-style ‘amphibious’ car that lets you both ‘surf and speed up on land’!

A car that will allow you both to surf and speed up on the land has been spotted cruising along the River Great Ouse in Britain.

Speed post has lost speed: High Court

Observing that "speed post has lost its speed", Himachal Pradesh HC has directed the state Post Master General to file a report on the efficacy of the service and provide a record of complaints regarding delay in delivery.

Less sleep speeds up ageing by 7 years

Sleep deprivation and sleepiness have adverse effects on performance, response time etc.

Discovery can double submarine speeds

Drag resistance on hot bodies moving through liquid can be drastically reduced by up to 85%.

Less sleep speeds up ageing by 7 years

Sleep deprivation have adverse effects on performance, response time and attention or concentration.

Less sleep speeds up ageing by 7 years

Sleep deprivation have adverse effects on performance, response time and attention or concentration.

A battery-powered car that can speed up to 155mph, travel 186 miles!

German carmaker Artega has unveiled SE, which will give drivers ultimate green sports car experience.

Town changes name from `Speed` to `Speedkills`

Names can matter, thinks one Australian town named Speed -- which renamed itself "Speedkills" in an effort to promote road safety.

Novel method to speed up output of aircraft engines

Complex-shaped components in aircraft engines can be produced quickly and at a reasonable price using selective laser melting, a new study says.

Chennai traffic slows down to 21 kmph: The Times of India

The traffic scene in the city is going from bad to worse. A study by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has found that the average travel speed on major roads has dropped to less than 20 kmph.

Fighter aircraft Tejas clocks fastest speed during testing

In the final phase of its tests before formal commissioning, India`s indigenous light combat aircraft Tejas went past its ultimate speed of 1,350 KMPH over the Goa skies and clocked the fastest speed ever, a top IAF officer said.

US ranks 28th in Internet connection speed: Report

The United States ranks 28th in the world in average Internet connection speed and is not making significant progress in building a faster network, according to a report.