A handful of walnuts secret to better sperm: Researchers

The simple way to boosting male fertility, a major problem across the world, could be gobbling a handful of walnuts, researchers say.

Pesticides exposure may damage sperm in teenagers

Adolescent exposre to organochlorine pesticides such as DDT may lead to defective sperm and consequently fertility problems later in life, says a study.

Male birth control pill could soon become reality!

Looks like a birth control pill for men is on its way.

Sperm carry tiny harpoons for fertilisation

A protein that acts like a tiny harpoon to allow the sperm to latch onto the egg and fertilise it has been discovered by researchers, including those of Indian-origin.

50 million year old sperm found in Antarctica

The world's oldest sperm cells preserved in a tiny cocoon in Antarctica for a whopping 50 million years have been recovered by researchers, a scientific journal has reported.

Improved sperm diagnostic test soon

Giving hope to childless couples, a team of scientists has developed the first diagnostic test for sperm RNA based on next-generation sequencing.

Sperm-egg fusion point identified in study

Key molecular events that could be playing a critical role as sperm and egg fuse to create new life have been identified, providing a ray of hope for future male contraceptive, says new study.

Male contraceptive comes closer to reality

In a groundbreaking research that may pave the way for a male contraceptive, scientists have identified key molecular events that could play a critical role as sperm and egg fuse to create new life.

Genetic switch decides sperm or egg formation

Japanese researchers have found for the first time in vertebrates a genetic switch that determines whether germ cells become sperm or eggs.

First part of semen most effective for conception

The fluid squirted during ejaculation is composed of various fragments and the sperm in the first fragment are more effective in fertilising the eggs and in embryonic development than those lagging behind, says a study.

Dad's sperm may help predict kid's autism risk

A team of researchers has suggested that paternal sperm may hold clues to autism.

New tech to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Researchers are adapting a new technology to select the healthiest and best swimming sperm from a sample of semen to increase success rates for in-vitro-fertilisation (IVF).

'Sparks fly' when egg meets sperm

A new study has revealed that a fertilized mammalian egg releases from its surface billions of zinc atoms in "zinc sparks," one wave after another.

Longer sperm better at fertilising eggs: Study

Long sperm is more likely to reach and fertilise eggs compared to short sperm, even if the short sperm is given a 'head start', a new study on birds has found.

Review of studies confirms sperm quality declines with age

A review of 90 studies has confirmed that men's sperm quality declines with age, likely lowering their fertility.

Moderate alcohol intake could reduce sperm quality

Beware men, especially if you plan to father a child soon. A new research has now linked alcohol consumption to poor quality of sperm.

Synthetic sperm protein can help increase chances of successful IVF

A new study has revealed that a synthetic version of a sperm protein satisfies criteria of genuine sperm-borne oocyte activation for IVF, raising the chances of it being a success.

Synthetic sperm protein to treat male infertility

In a new hope for couples affected by infertility, researchers have come up with a method for treating male infertility using a synthetic version of the sperm-originated protein known as PAWP.

Older sperm donors as good as young: Study

Sperm donors up to the age of 45 are just as likely to conceive children as those in their 20s, new research led by Indian-origin doctors has found.

New research solves plant sex mystery

In a breakthrough, a team of biologists has solved a mystery surrounding how plants have sex.