City spiders getting bigger, multiplying faster

If you think that the spiders you see in your garden are getting bigger, you are probably right.

Spiders` silk spinning process revealed

A new research has revealed the way spiders regulate their silk spinning process.

Spiders that prey on fish are all over world: Study

Spiders that prey on fish have been discovered in all parts of the world by zoologists from Switzerland and Australia.

Spiders harness the power of music`

Spider silk, when plucked like a guitar string, transmits vibrations across a wide range of frequencies so that its sound carries information about prey, mates, and the structural integrity of a web, scientists say.

Jamie Foxx petrified of spiders

Actor Jamie Foxx could be the perfect choice to play Spider-Man`s arch-foe in the superhero`s new movie because he really hates the eight-legged insects.

UK family finds hundreds of deadly spiders in pack of bananas

A terrified UK family fled their home after hundreds of deadly spiders swarmed out of a pack of bananas they had bought from a local shop.

Mystery behind how spiders catch their prey solved

Spider webs reach out and grab airborne prey and particles thanks to electrostatic glue that coats their surface, a new study has revealed.

Coleen Rooney using conker plants to shoo away spiders

Television presenter Coleen Rooney is trying to protect her house from spiders by planting conker plants around the house.

Spiders too have personalities

Similar to humans and many other species, spiders have their own distinctive characters that shape their lifestyles, a new study has suggested.

Jennifer Lawrence is scared of spiders

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was terrified of spiders and asked someone to remove them when she was about to climb a tree in `The Hunger Games`.

Old age creeps up on spiders too!

Alike humans, old age creeps up on spiders too -- the insects lose the ability to weave neat webs as they approach the twilight of their life.

Rupert Grint is scared of spiders

Rupert Grint says he is terrified of spiders just like his `Harry Potter` alter-ego Ron Weasley.

Spiders` web code cracked

Now a new study has suggested that creatures use decorations to protect their webs from damage.

Spiders on the decline due to human impact

Researchers from the King Juan Carlos University (URJC) have found that spiders, like many other animal species, are suffering from habitat loss and human encroachment.

Scientists unravel secrets of strong spider silk

Spiders spin silk to use in webs and to suspend themselves.

I am a scaredy-cat, says Dev Patel

Dev Patel has admitted that he is a ‘scaredy-cat’ and is afraid of spiders.

Girls `are genetically primed to fear spiders`

The sight of a spider crawling the wall makes many people scream and run -- but a new study says that women are four times more likely to be fearful than men as they are genetically primed to get scared.

Ancient spiders

Early relatives of spiders that lived around 300 mn yrs ago now revealed.