Iran arrests several spies near Bushehr nuclear plant

Iranian security services have arrested several suspected spies in the southern province of Bushehr where the country`s first nuclear power plant is located, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.

Bond-style one-way sound device developed

Scientists have developed a new `Bond-style` device that may allow spies to listen to someone without having to worry about being heard.

US, British spies tap mobile phone apps: Report

The National Security Agency and its British counterpart are tapping into smart phone applications to scoop up personal data, the New York Times reported Monday.

Russia denies head of US exchange program recruiting spies

Russia angrily denied U.S. media reports that the Russian director of a cultural exchange program may be recruiting Americans as spies, saying such allegations risked damaging ties between the two countries.

71 spies arrested in last four years

The government today said 71 spies were arrested by security forces from different areas in the last four years.

71 spies arrested in last four years

The government on Tuesday said 71 spies were arrested by security forces from different areas in the last four years.

UK: British spies `uncover plot to murder Russian`

British intelligence agencies are
concerned about number of Russians in UK who could be
targeted by political killings.

Russia busted about 200 spies in 2011: Medvedev

Russian counter-intelligence exposed 199 foreign spies in 2011, said President Dmitry Medvedev Tuesday.

Rajasthan deploys spies to curb pre-natal tests

The Rajasthan government is building a network of professional informers to keep an eye on ultrasound clinics that conduct sex determination tests. For each lead, an informer will be paid Rs.25,000.

CIA recruited members to spy: Hezbollah

The spies didn`t pose a serious threat to the movement or its military capabilities, said Nasrallah.

`Chinese arrested in India are tourists not spies`

China on Thursday said that the three
Chinese citizens, who were arrested in India without valid
travel documents recently, were not spies but "tourists" who
entered the Indian territory by "mistake".

Germany jails two Libyan spies: Court

A German court jailed two Libyan
men for spying on members of the Libyan opposition
living in Europe over a nearly three-year period.

Iran says it arrests Israeli "network of spies"

Iran said Mossad was behind the assassination of a nuclear scientist in 2010.

At least 20 pretty Russian spies operating in Britain: Report

All the women are under orders from Kremlin to woo diplomats and politicians.

IAEA sends `spies` to monitor Nuke programme: Iran

Iran`s Intelligence Minister accused IAEA of sending "spies" among the inspectors.

US diplomats are not spies: Crowley

WikiLeaks reveals that US diplomats were spying on UN officials and others.

Russia`s spies must learn from betrayal: Medvedev

Russian President told his country`s spy agency to put its house in order.

Russia hunts double agent who betrayed spies: Report

In June, the United States announced it had broken a Russian spy ring.

N Korean spy `held for plot to kill top defector in S Korea`

A North Korean agent was arrested on Tuesday for plotting to assassinate a top-ranking defector who died earlier this month from natural causes, South Korean prosecutors said.

Hamas says it has captured key spies for Israel

The Hamas-run government in Gaza said it had arrested spies for Israel who had
infiltrated armed groups and helped kill top militants.