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China prepares for showdown, to close part of South China Sea for military exercise

China prepares for showdown, to close part of South China Sea for military exercise

The announcement came in the middle of a three-day visit to China by the US Navy's top admiral to discuss the South China Sea dispute .

Taiwan gives tour of disputed island in bid to boost claim

Taiwan on Wednesday gave its first ever international press tour of a disputed island in the South China Sea to boost its claim, less than two months after a visit by its leader sparked protests from rival claimants.

Vietnam warns China over air safety threat

Vietnam's civil aviation authority has accused Beijing of threatening regional air safety by conducting unannounced flights through its airspace to a disputed reef in the South China Sea, state media said on Saturday.

Philippines, US "exaggerate China threat" in sea dispute

China`s Foreign Ministry accused the Philippines on Friday of working together with the United States to "exaggerate the China threat" over a disputed shoal in the South China Sea.

New images show China's reclamation on Mischief Reef in South China Sea

Newly published satellite images show that China is quickly reclaiming land around a submerged reef within an area the Philippines regards as its exclusive economic zone, with several dredgers in operation and seawalls built.

US defense chief warns against militarisation of territorial rows in Asia

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter kicked off his first Asian tour on Wednesday with a stern warning against the militarisation of territorial rows in a region where China is at odds with several nations in the East and South China Seas.

China said to be reclaiming more land in Spratlys

China has been reclaiming more land to bolster its military presence in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, where its increasing assertion of its territorial claims has brought it into standoffs with its neighbours, Philippine officials said on Thursday.

Taiwan stages live-fire drill in contested Spratlys

Taiwan`s coastguards said today that Taipei had staged a live-fire drill within a hotly-contested island chain in the South China Sea, in a move that risks stoking regional tensions.

`US sending wrong signals over South China Sea`

The US State Department accused China of taking unconstructive moves in the South China Sea.

China names military heads of South China Sea city

Sansha, a rugged outpost of just 1,000 people, was formally declared a city by China on July 20 with a flag-raising ceremony televised live.

`China troop deployment in S China Sea provocative`

China`s decision to deploy its troops in the disputed area of South China Sea is not befitting a responsible great power, a top US Senator said.

US, Philippine marines hold drill near Spratlys

China, the Philippines and four other Asian countries claim the Spratly islands.