China said to be reclaiming more land in Spratlys

China has been reclaiming more land to bolster its military presence in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, where its increasing assertion of its territorial claims has brought it into standoffs with its neighbours, Philippine officials said on Thursday.

Taiwan stages live-fire drill in contested Spratlys

Taiwan`s coastguards said today that Taipei had staged a live-fire drill within a hotly-contested island chain in the South China Sea, in a move that risks stoking regional tensions.

`US sending wrong signals over South China Sea`

The US State Department accused China of taking unconstructive moves in the South China Sea.

China names military heads of South China Sea city

Sansha, a rugged outpost of just 1,000 people, was formally declared a city by China on July 20 with a flag-raising ceremony televised live.

`China troop deployment in S China Sea provocative`

China`s decision to deploy its troops in the disputed area of South China Sea is not befitting a responsible great power, a top US Senator said.

US, Philippine marines hold drill near Spratlys

China, the Philippines and four other Asian countries claim the Spratly islands.